Minutes 26th June 2014

Minutes of Clehonger Annual Parish Meeting and Annual Statutory Meeting held on 29th May 2014 from 7.30pm at Innesfield Community Centre

Present: Cllrs C Tomlinson (Chairman), J Thorne, J Rider, G Walker, A Morgan, P Jeffree and J Hammond

In attendance:   Mrs A Wright (Clerk), Ward Councillor David Taylor and 6 members of the public.

Part One – Annual Parish Meeting

  1. Open Session with parishioners

The Defibrillator evening with doctor attending was on hold for the time being.

Cars were parking on both sides of the road in Birch Hill Road, just past the shop and on the bend causing potential hazards to road users. It was reiterated that registration numbers are needed in order to report the vehicles to the police in order that advice may be given on safer ways to park. The surface quality of Birch Hill Road is poor and resurfacing has been requested previously. There were some comments from the public about the profile of the planning application for a property at land by “Windrush” in that it was believed to be too high and consequently potentially likely to “dwarf” the properties surrounding it. Two objection letters were read, out from local residents, siting overlooking, height issues and the fact that it was not “low in profile”. It was suggested that a dormer or single storey bungalow might be more appropriate for the location. It may be possible for the planning application to be considered by planning committee rather than an individual officer. Cllr Taylor could ask for it to be drawn in.

Innesfield Community Centre has a bay at the rear for ambulances to turn, however residents are parking in it. There is currently no sign to say not to park there and there maybe should be one. The Clerk would write to Herefordshire Housing to discuss the situation and see if they were prepared to enforce the non-parking in the turning bay.

Speeding was proving an issue on the B4352 from 7.00am onwards. Spot checks may be a possibility but registration numbers of the cars will be required for the police to try to take action against speeding offenders.


  1. Annual Report on behalf of the Parish Council

The Chairman presented the following report:

“It is pleasing to report that your P.C. has had another very successful and productive year.

From the roads point of view the major success was getting the flooding issue sorted out at the junction of the A465 & B4349. The two major contributing factors were the arrival of Balfour Beatty and the persistence of Alison our clerk. In the end it was just a case of clearing blocked drains and installing a new splayed drainage port. I asked Alison to send a Thank You letter to B.B. which was very well received.  We have also been successful in getting some of the larger pot holes filled.

We have supported Eaton Bishop P.C. in their efforts to get the Ruckhall Bridge repaired. I attended one of their P.C. meetings to establish if there was anything more we could do to support them. It is good to report that the repair work is progressing. Unfortunately the repairs required have proved to be far more extensive than was originally thought. It is hoped the bridge will reopen around August time.

As in previous years the P.C. has provided additional funding to support the Lengthsman’s scheme to allow work to continue over a full year. Our Lengthsman is retiring after many years good service.                                               On the council’s behalf I wish to thank him for the good job he has done over the years. We are in the process of interviewing candidates to replace him.

The P.C. has continued to maintain the Public Rights of Way with support of the P3 scheme. Thanks are due to Longfield Services for carrying out the work.

The Planning Sub Committee has diligently responded to all applications. Sometimes the time allowed is very short. Any major applications have been brought to the full council to review.

The Playing Field. You will have all noted that the P.F. grass is being cut on a regular basis this year. I would like to thank Clehonger School for their cooperation in sorting out this issue.                                     Work on developing the P.F. is ongoing and although there is nothing to show for it I can assure you there is a lot of very hard work going on behind the scene applying for grants and organizing money raising events. It is pleasing to note that the council’s Playing Field development reserve fund already stands at nearly £10,000. A VERY BIG “THANK YOU” to all involved.

The Parish Plan Project has been very successful and is nearing completion, but there is some way to go in putting together the final report. Again a very big THANK YOU is owed to all those who have contributed in so many ways to the progress of this project, particularly those who took on the daunting task of distributing and collecting the questionnaire.  Compared to a lot of parishes we had a very good response.

Representatives of your P.C. have attended numerous Herefordshire Council consultation meetings, Grant application advice meetings, HALC meetings and meetings Balfour Beatty have set up to look at the consequences of funding reductions in the revenue budget and how P.C. may be able to take on some of the work that can no longer be supported by Herefordshire council.

Finally on your behalf I would like to thank our Clerk Alison Wright without whose knowledge of the rules enabling her to keep us on the straight and narrow and her enthusiasm in chasing the authorities, very little would get done. Thank you Alison.”

Part Two – Annual Meeting of the Parish Council


  1. Election of Chair

Cllr Tomlinson nominated by Cllr Morgan and seconded by Cllr Rider. Declaration of Acceptance of Office form signed and witnessed by the Clerk.


  1. Election of Vice Chair

Cllr Whittal nominated in her absence by Cllr Tomlinson and seconded by Cllr Hammond. Declaration of Acceptance of Office form to be signed and witnessed by the Clerk at the next meeting.


  1. Election of Parish Council Officers

All officers were reconfirmed en bloc as happy to continue. Cllr Tomlinson – Footpaths, Cllr Hammond – Village Hall, Cllr Walker – HALC Rep, Cllr Protherough – Tree Warden and Cllr Whittal – School Governor Rep for Clehonger Primary School. Thanks were extended to all for their continued work in these capacities.


  1. Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from Cllrs J Whittal and C Protherough


  1. Declarations of Interest

Resolved: Cllrs J Hammond and J Rider declared a prejudicial interest in matters relating to the Village Hall and Councillor Tomlinson declared similar in relation to Dore Community Transport.

  1. Brief Verbal Reports:

8.1 Local Policing Team. Not present, however a local crime involving theft of a spare wheel from the underside of a transit van was noted.

8.2 Ward Councillor. Ward Councillor Taylor

The Ward Councillor outlined recent cabinet changes at Herefordshire Council. There had been some changes to the portfolios of the cabinet members and Cllr Paul Rone was now looking after highways and Cllr Price, The Core Strategy implementation and infrastructure. The bypass route was not yet fixed and could go either side of Haylease Wood. The bus shelter at the top of Church Road had been damaged with one of the panels shattering. The Clerk is to Contact AON UK Insurance to report this and seek advice regarding replacement glass. There was a report of trees down over CH20, the contractor had been consulted and would be dealing with this.

8.3 Dore Community Transport.

The new vehicle delivery date had been delayed, with no confirmed date. There was currently a shortage of drivers and volunteers would be welcomed.

8.4 Friends of Clehonger Parish

The friends were holding a meeting regarding the new constitution in the week following the Parish Council Meeting.

8.5 Broadband Champion

The Champion had sent apologies. There was no further update, however some information regarding broadband “go live” for various areas was outlined by one of the public present who explained that the necessary fibres were in place and start up should be imminent.

8.6 Church

Prospective candidates, for the incumbent’s position for the benefice, would be attending a meeting to meet parishioners on 17th June 2014 at the Eaton Bishop Village Hall at 7.30pm. There will be a “bring and share” supper and all are welcome.

8.7 Clehonger Primary School   

No further update, although the move of the playschool to the main school is ongoing and make take some time to accomplish.


  1. To approve minutes of the Meeting held on 24/04/14.

Resolved: – The Minutes of the Meeting, held on 24th April 2014, were approved by the Council and then signed by the Chairman


  1. Clerk Update on Action Items

The Clerk updated the meeting re the action items including update on the yellow bag, clinical waste correspondence and Silverdale Island had been mown.


  1. To note correspondence

The Clerk advised re some of the correspondence received including a letter was read out regarding the payment member’s allowances and reimbursements. After hearing the content of the letter from Governance Services, the Clehonger Parish Council resolved that they would not be setting a table of allowances or reimbursements, at the present time, however occasional travel expenses may be reimbursed. The Clerk would advise Governance of this decision.

Herefordshire Local Plan – Core Strategy 2011 – 2031 Pre submission publication: 22 May – 3 July 2014. This has been represented for consultation. Online representation can be made at: www.herefordshire.gov.uk/local-plan or by letter or drop in sessions are available where you can find out more and make contributions to the consultation.

  1. Finance

12.1 Resolved: The following list of payments were approved:

Lengthsman (R. Layton Morris)                                               £200.00

Mrs A Wright (salary £296.90 mileage £9.99, phone £14.42, ink £15.00)     £342.67

Tax due on salary payment (Payable to The Post Office)             £74.20

Herefordshire Council (paper planning apps)                              £16.00

Longfield Services (bin clearance and repair)                             £67.50

Herefordshire Housing (room hire)                                           £24.00

Sub Total            £874.37

Parish Planning for Real Payments

Nil this month

Grand Total      £874.37

12.2 Resolved: The bank balance was noted

12.3 Resolved: To approve the Accounts and Audit papers for the end of year

The Clerk read out the accounting statements and then the accounts and audit papers were signed and approved.

  1. Planning

Three planning applications had been reviewed:

1) SITE:  Electricity Power Lines, New Barns Farm to Footpath CH3 Clehonger, Eaton Bishop, Herefordshire

DESCRIPTION: Change of overhead wire from 2 wire to 3 wire following existing route from the woodland at footpath CH5 to north of the New Barns Farm


GRID REF: OS   344833, 238533

APPLICATION TYPE: Electricity consultation


The Parish Council fully supported the application for the upgrade.


2) SITE:  Land adjacent to Belmont Abbey, Woodfield Gardens, Belmont, Hereford

DESCRIPTION: Remove deadwood on two Oak trees and reduce one by 20%


GRID REF: OS   348306, 238055

APPLICATION TYPE: Works to trees covered by TPO


The Parish Council fully supported the application for the tree works.


3) SITE:  Land at Windrush, School Lane, Clehonger, Herefordshire

DESCRIPTION: Reserved Matters application for planning permission 131387/O for appearance, landscaping, layout and scale.


GRID REF: OS   345152, 237479

APPLICATION TYPE: Approval of Reserved Matters


Cllr Ryder declared an interest at this point and left the room. She rejoined the meeting after the application had been discussed.


The Parish Council made the following comments: “The application as submitted does not comply with the original design and access statement. The building is higher than any of those surrounding it. Avalon, School Lane was made to lower their plan to comply previously. The previous comments regarding access, particularly to the shop, are still a concern and are reiterated.”


Gladman Developments  There had been some literature sent to the Parish Council by a Company known as Gladman. They were proposing a development of houses for Clehonger to number approximately 90 dwellings with 35% of these to be “affordable”. It was resolved that the Parish Council would not meet with developers alone. The company would be invited to book the Village Hall, through the Hall Secretary, for a public meeting to discuss the proposals, at which Parish Council members may be present. It was noted that only Friday evenings would be available for such a meeting due to other Hall bookings.


  1. Road Sign request for Clehonger Primary School

The School wished to install a sign directing people to the school. The Parish Council had no objections to this.


  1. Parish Plan and Neighbourhood Plan

The Parish Plan Housing Section was finalised and it was agreed that it might be a good idea to publish the details first given housing development proposals. Leisure and Services, Environment and Transport would follow, probably in the next couple of months.

The meeting to discuss the Neighbourhood Plan with Allensmore Parish Council was set for the 3rdJune 2014 at Innesfield 7.30pm.


  1. Village Matters and to include update re Lengthsman position

Interviews for a new Lengthsman would be held on 11th June 2014. Thanks to the outgoing Lengthsman were noted for all of his work over the past years.

The Chair had attended a meeting with Herefordshire Council at Brockington where the Chief Executive, Alistair Neal had outlined plans to save £15 million from the budget. The Council were keen to support the idea of a University for Hereford. The Council were reviewing their use of office buildings and were moving out of some and into others, including leaving Brockington. The Councillors would be using the Shire and Town Halls instead of Brockington.

A comment was made regarding the footpath from the hairdressers in Clehonger to Ruckhall Road, there being nowhere to walk due to the potato crop going right to the edge of the field. The Footpath Officer would investigate this and report back.


  1. Bus Service Review

Cllr Thorne explained about the reduction and cessation of bus subsidies on some routes in the area. The bus companies may not be able to continue to run certain bus services due to insufficient funds. The message out there is that everyone must “use the service or lose it” as unprofitable routes will cease to be served.

There will be further information when the consultation results are known.


  1. Brief Reports from Footpath Warden, HALC Rep, Village Hall Rep and Tree Warden

Footpath Warden, details as before in the minutes. HALC Rep no further news and had not attended the SAM meeting on 28th May. Tree Warden – not present, Village Hall Rep – the defibrillator is now installed. Congratulations and thanks were recorded to all those who had made this possible.


  1. Items for next Agenda (no discussion)

Item 21 Clerk’s Annual Review from this agenda postponed due to absence of review panel chair, re-agenda for June.


  1. Reminder of dates of future meetings

The next Meeting will be held on Thursday 26th June 2014, 7.30pm, at the Innesfield Community Centre.

The Meeting closed at 9.40pm