Council Business

You are hereby summonsed to attend the Meeting of Clehonger Parish Council, at Clehonger Village Hall on Wednesday 21st July 2021 from 7.30pm, for the purpose of transacting the following business. In the event of fine weather the meeting will be held outside.

A M Wright (Clerk to the Council)

1. Introduction and welcome by the Chair
2. Co-option of councillor and signing of forms
3. To accept Apologies for Absence
4. To note Declarations of Interest
5. Open Session with members of the public
6. Brief Verbal Reports (6.1) Ward Councillor (6.2) Footpath Officer (6.3) Tree Warden
7. Playing Field
(7.1) Update and details of any sub committee meetings/actions etc.
(7.2) To discuss request for memorial tree(s) on playing field
8. To Approve Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of 16th June 2021
9. Information and correspondence (see separate sheet)
10. Finance and Policies
(10.1) To approve list of payments (notified separately)
(10.2) To note bank balance (10/06/21 – account balance £47386.80)
11. Planning.
(11.1)To consider response to Planning Applications, as notified, and then determined by Herefordshire Council: 212344 – High Bank, Clehonger – Proposed change of use from agricultural land to mixed use and erection of small portal frame unit for general storage and for maintenance of land
12. Village Matters including hedge issues and overgrowth of some areas.
13. Parliamentary Review of Constituency Boundaries – response by the PC
14. Consultation on the future of local bus transport – response?
15. To consider request for dropped kerb off Ruckhall Lane – letter refers
16. Items for next Agenda (no discussion)
17. Confirmation of date of next Parish Council Meeting
The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 15th September 2021 from 7.30 pm in the Clehonger Village Hall. No meeting in August.