Minutes 23rd May 2013

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting, and Annual Statutory Meeting, of Clehonger Parish Council held on 23rd May 2013 at 7.30pm at Innesfield Community Centre

Present: Cllrs C Tomlinson (Chairman), J Rider, P Jeffree, J Hammond, G Walker, J Thorne and C Protherough

In attendance:   Mrs A Wright (Clerk), and 5 members of the public plus Mr Ted Bannister of Herefordshire Council.


Annual Parish Meeting

  1. 1.  Open Session with parishioners and to include Neighbourhood Plan talk by representative from Herefordshire Council

The public, Mr Bannister and councillors were welcomed to the Annual Parish Meeting. Mr Bannister gave a brief talk and showed a slide presentation on Neighbourhood Planning. He explained that the Neighbourhood Plan can help to shape where you live, deal with land use issues and will form part of the Local Development Plan. The Plan cannot be used to stop developments and do not replace Parish Plans. They can cover part of one parish or more than one parish. You can also undertake a Village Design Statement.


The Plan Process broadly follows the following principles:-


  • Stage 1 – Define ‘neighbourhood area’
  • Stage 2 – Prepare the Plan
  • Stage 3 – Submission of final Plan
  • Stage 4 – Independent Examination
  • Stage 5 – Referendum
  • Stage 6 – Adoption

You will then:-

  • Get your community involved
  • Establish steering group
  • Designate your neighbourhood area
  • Develop communication strategy
  • Develop project programme
  • Review evidence base and information
  • Review Core Strategy policy
  • Develop a Vision

The Role of the Herefordshire Council is to provide technical advice and support, help to designate the area, provide background evidence and data, check the plan and adopt the plan. They will not write the Plan or offer direct financial support. There is currently a £9.5 million government fund available, on a grants basis of up to £7,000 per Parish, to help with the costs of undertaking the Plan.

Further information and details are available from Neighbourhood Planning Services on 01432 383617 or by writing to Neighbourhood Planning Team, PO Box 230, Blue School House, Blue School Street, Hereford, HR1 2ZB.

The Open Session with Parishoners then commenced and Mr Bannister left the meeting.

A member of the public stated that he had a number of tree saplings available if any planting initiatives were taking place. The query was directed to the Tree Warden who explained that trees would form part of the Parish Plan Questionnaire process. As part of the Parish Plan venues for tree planting would be considered and liaison with LA departments and local residents would form part of the decision as to where planting would be best undertaken.

Concern was expressed over the Local Authority spending cuts in terms of closures of museums and reduced library provision. Petitions were being arranged and it was feared that the closures and reductions would impact on tourism. Council employees were facing reductions in their terms and conditions and the Council were in a very difficult position being asset poor.

2.  Annual Report on behalf of the Parish Council

At this point the Cllr Tomlinson presented a report on the activities of the Parish Council for the year as follows:

Chairman’s Annual Report to Clehonger Parish Council

May 2013

I am pleased to report that the P.C. has had a very successful and productive year. It has been able to obtain improved road signage on the Bowling Green Hill and warning signs around the Playing Field. It has been successful in getting a greatly improved Bus Stop hard standing at the top of Church Road. Has been successful in getting pot holes filled. The Council has purchased additional Salt Bins to help with winter gritting. The Council has provided additional funding to the Lengthsman’s scheme to allow work to continue over full year. Thank you to our Lengthsman for carrying out the work.  The Council has helped to maintain the footpaths and Public Rights of Way with support from the Councils P3 scheme. Thank you to Longfield Services for actually carrying out the work. The Parish Council has supported the initiation of a Parish Plan project and given it financial support. I would like to say a Big “Thank You” to all those who have participated and are continuing to do so. Keep up the good work.  The Playing Field: The successful replacement of the Swing Seats with far better quality items. After negotiations with School the improvement in quality of the grass cutting by their contractors.  As a consequence of the Parish Plan feed- back, which has shown that the Playing Field is by far the most pressing thing in the Parish that requires improvement, the P.C. have agreed that the Playing Field focus group can proceed with obtaining quotations and progress the project without waiting for the approval of the Parish Plan. Again a Big “Thank You” to all those involved.  Thank you to the Planning Sub Committee which has efficiently responded to all applications, sometimes on a tight turnaround.  Thank you all. Thank you for the representation of the Parish Council at HALC meetings.  The P.C. has responded to a number of the Herefordshire Council consultations this year. I think the most we have ever responded to. Some councillors, and the clerk, have also attended myriad consultation meetings at Brockington and at other locations. This has taken up a lot of councillors’ time and they deserve another Big “Thank You”  Your Chairman and Ward Councillor have been involved in the final decision on the rout of A49/A465 link road and have proposed it be extended to the B4348.   Unfortunately there are things we and all P.C. cannot get done quickly like change of speed limits and yellow lines. They all have to progress through a legal process which can take a considerable time.   Finally I would like to thank Alison, our Clerk, who without all the continuous chasing of the authorities we would get very little done. She does not let thing lie and takes the role very seriously. After a meeting she immediately deals with all the communications required. I know this because she sends me copies of any communications and is “on the case” 24/7”.

The Open Session and Annual Parish Meeting closed at this point.

Annual Meeting of the Parish Council

  1. 3.  Election of Chair

Cllr Tomlinson proposed by Cllr Rider and seconded by Cllr Hammond. Carried and Office accepted


  1. 4.  Election of Vice Chair

Cllr Whittall proposed by Cllr Tomlinson and seconded by Cllr Hammond. Carried and Office accepted.


  1. 5.  Election of Parish Council Officers

The following Officer Roles and responsibilities were resolved.

Footpath Officer Cllr Tomlinson prop by Cllr Hammond and sec by Cllr Rider

Tree Warden Cllr Protherough prop by Cllr Tomlinson and sec by Cllr Rider

HALC Rep Cllr Walker prop by Cllr Tomlinson and sec by Cllr Jeffrey

Village Hall Rep Cllr Hammond prop by Cllr Tomlinson and sec by Cllr Rider

It was agreed that Ann Hitchiner, although no longer a Parish Councillor, would continue as a representative for the Educational Trust (not part of PC remit).


  1. 6.  Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from Cllrs Morgan and Whittall.


  1. 7.  Declarations of Interest

Resolved: Cllrs J Hammond and C Protherough declared prejudicial interests in matters relating to the Village Hall and Councillor Tomlinson declared similar in relation to Dore Community Transport.


.  Brief Verbal Reports:

8.1 Local Policing Team.  CSO was not present but it was requested that the Clerk should e mail her and request shed security leaflets due to the volume of shed and outbuilding related thefts.

8.2 Ward Councillor. Cllr Taylor agreed to lead a Ward Councillor led application for further yellow lines in Gosmore Road. Clerk to write and formally request the application. The meeting at Madley on the 20th May had been productive and items had been collated re transport and lengthsman concerns and passed to the Cabinet Member. Cllr Taylor advised that the LA would only be undertaking one cut of verges etc during the year. It may be necessary to ask the Lengthsman to top up the cuts in areas subject to overgrowth and these would be advised as required but may include the triangle island by “Silverdale”, the top of Church Road, bottom of Croft Road looking right towards Madley and also Gosmore Road.

8.3 Dore Community Transport. The new vehicle had been stolen from within a locked garage at the storage depot. The thieves had used the vehicle as a ram to push down a bollard to facilitate their exit. The vehicle has not been recovered and drivers are using their private cars to help keep the service going for people.

8.4 Clehonger Community Action Group.  Not present however some news had been conveyed. Sergeant Dugmore had left the group following one last meeting. A cheque for Help for Heroes would be sent to the Charity as soon as possible. There may be some residual funding to be put towards the Playing Field Fund. The July event proposed has been cancelled and effectively the group is now no more. The flower bed, in the Playing Field, instigated by the group will need to be cared for. Cllr Walker said that the plot would require rotavation, fertilization and further rotivation to keep it in good condition.

8.5 Broadband Champion. Sent his apologies

8.6 Church. No update.


  1. 9.  To approve minutes of Meeting held on 23/04/13.

Resolved: – The Minutes were approved by the Council and signed by the Chairman


10. Clerk Update on Action Items

The Clerk updated re action points including correspondence with Amey and Herefordshire Council over issues. There would be a further chase up in regard to the white lines at the end of Croft Road where a visitor to a local resident had suffered a near miss after being unable to see where the road ended and having nearly pulled out onto the B road. The damaged tree, as reported last meeting, had been logged and marked up for action.

A damaged manhole cover had been reported and issue logged.


11. To note correspondence

Correspondence had included: A reply from the Head at Clehonger School who would be reiterating parking etiquette to parents of her pupils.

A request for a reduced speed limit of 20mph had been received for Gosmore Road past the school. The Clerk to write to Cllr Taylor to ask him to instigate a Ward Councillor led request for this to be considered. It was noted that all other local village schools have been successful in achieving the 20mph limit past their village schools.


  1. 12.  Finance

12.1 Resolved: The following list of payments were approved:

Lengthsman (R. Layton Morris)                                              £200.00

Mrs A Wright – (salary £235.20 mileage £13.32)                                               £248.52

Tax due on salary payment (Payable to The Post Office)             £58.80

Sub Total          £507.32

Parish Planning for Real Payments

Nil this month                                                                          £0.00

PP Sub Total              £0.00

Grand Total           £507.32

12.2 Resolved: The bank balance was noted

  1. 13.  Planning

No further applications to report. It was noted that the application to build by the Village Hall had again been rejected. The extension to Permission for the Village Hall had been granted.


  1. 14.  Savings Account for Playing Field Project

The Clerk had visited the Branch and had made telephone enquiries about the creation of a specific account for the Playing Field Development Fund. Details had been obtained and would be sent to the Chair to commence action as the account would have to be created via a telephone application service. The amount of initial deposit etc would be discussed at the next PC meeting.


  1. 15.  Parish Plan

Questionnaires would be coming out in around August/September time. The event planned for the 2nd June had been postponed as an alternative joint venture with the Healthy Living Group was looking like a good idea as they would fund the event. It was likely to be on the 20th July and would encompass tea, games and other participation opportunities. Meetings had been set up to discuss and explore all of the relevant areas of concern such as business, employment, social care, public facilities etc. The Playing Field Sub Committee would have a constitution and Abbey Mason, from HBOS, would be helping to draw this up. There would be a Chair, secretary and the meetings would be open to the public. 2 quotes for Playground equipment provision had now been received, with a further one awaited.


16.  Village Matters

The perennial problem of dog fouling was raised again. Larger signs would be requested and new ones put up in the Notice Boards. On-going vigilance, reporting and evidence would be required for a name and shame operation to try to draw attention to this most antisocial and dangerous health nuisance.

The cone over the broken drain in Poplar Road is still awaiting attention. Cllr Hammond will chase again.

It had been reported that all of the daffodil heads had been chopped off whilst a playing field strim was in progress. This was a disappointment and the Clerk would ask Cllr Whittall to raise the issue with the school to see if the contractors could be asked to avoid doing this in future years. The Clerk would also ask if the school could be minded to arrange a cut just ahead of the event on the 20thJuly so that the field would be at its best for the day.

There would be some healthy lifestyle walks arranged and these would be for groups. One had been organised from the Village Hall at 10.30 am on Wednesday 29th May.


A road sign had been obscured by the overgrowth of the hedge on the B4349 just on the approach to the turning to Kingstone, by the grass triangle opposite “Silverdale”. Clerk to notify Amey.


17.  Audit & Annual Return

Work had been completed on the return and it was now with the Internal Auditor undergoing inspection. Thanks were extended to Cllr Jeffrey and the Clerk. The Clerk paid tribute to the help given to her by Cllr Jeffrey also.


18. Brief Reports from Footpath Warden, HALC Rep, Village Hall Rep and Tree Warden 

Footpath Warden Clearing and development work to be undertaken going forward

HALC Rep had attended a meeting with Guest Speaker, Police Commissioner Bill Longmore and also Barry Sheldon. They made it clear that they are in post to serve the public, not the Police and invited interaction and comment via all media options. The cuts in services including officers and CSOs are a cause for concern and issues will be fed back.

Village Hall Rep Advised that the AGM would be on 14th June at 7.00pm at the Hall

Tree Warden Thanked the Clerk for reporting the broken tree which had now been labelled for action.


19.  Items for next Agenda (no discussion)

Parish Freighter, Playing Field Account, Dog fouling, Playing Field Sub Committee,  Formal Audit – report back


  1. 20.  Reminder of dates of future meetings

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 27th June 2013, 7.30pm at the Innesfield Community Centre.


The Meeting closed at 9.30pm