Minutes 23rd July 2015

Minutes of Clehonger Parish Council Meeting held on 23rd July 2015 at 7.30pm at Innesfield Community Centre

Present: Cllrs P Jeffree (Chairman), A Morgan, J Harris, A Davies, J Rees, G Savory

In attendance:   Mrs A Wright (Clerk), Ward Councillor Steve Williams, PCSO Fiona Witcher and 4 members of the public.

  1. Introduction and welcome by the Chairman

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

  1. Apologies for Absence

There were apologies received from Cllrs Protherough and Whittal, the Locality Steward Linzy Outtrim plus Chris Tomlinson the Footpath Officer

  1. Declarations of Interest

Resolved: None were declared

  1. Open Session

The issues of drug usage and under age drinking on the playing field were raised. A “den” had been found at the bottom of the playing field near to the Village Hall. 3 or 4 unknown persons had been observed and items used had been left behind. PCSO Witcher took note of the comments.

Drains at the corner of Birch Hill Road and Gosmore Road were full. Balfour Beatty to be notified re jetting.

There was an update on archaeology excavations undertaken as part of the preliminaries for the Southern Link Road proposal. A geophysical survey had been undertaken on the whole route and the results would be e mailed to the Ward Councillor and Clerk although Balfour Beatty would be informed first.

The Open Session then closed.

  1. Brief Verbal Reports:

5.1 Local Policing Team.  PCSO Witcher commented on the bulletin that had been circulated. There had been an attempted theft from a vehicle in Oak Crescent and thefts from garages and sheds in Belmont plus a burglary in Birch Hill Road. A ladder, plant pots and hub caps had all been stolen. There had also been an incident where some males were attempting to take some roofing felt but were spotted so they threw the felt off the vehicle and made off. There had been reports of some graffiti on the playing field. There had also been travellers and people trying to sell generators and chainsaws. There had been some incidents with some French nationals who had been offering a tool hardening service at extortionate cost. PCSO said that the drug situation, as mentioned during the Open Session, would be monitored. PCSO Witcher left at 7.45pm.

5.2 Ward Councillor.  Ward Councillor Williams commented on the e mails received from the Locality Steward and that for the whole ward area of Stoney Street, a considerable number of yards of ditches had been cleared, stiles replaced and potholes filled. He commented that planning had been granted for Jeffree in Church Road (the Chair’s application). There was an application for an annexe at Newlands, Birch Hill Road and that the application for three houses at the top of the lane off Birch Hill Road had been refused due to access issues.

The Traffic Regulation Order proposal for outside the Primary School had been welcomed by the Head. 20mph restrictions would be requested on Gosmore Road past the School and on Birch Hill Road past the Playing Field. An E mail would be sent to the Ward Councillor to confirm.

5.3 Dore Community Transport. Chris Tomlinson was not present but had sent a report. “The trustees are pleased to report that a new Transport Coordinator has been appointed and started her training on 22/7/2015. She takes over fully on first of August. Her name is Kirsty Jarrett. She happens to be the daughter of the late Mr Munslow who lived in Gosmore Road. The contact telephone number remains the same: 08452020144. We are fortunate to have four new volunteer drivers joining the team.”

5.4 Friends of Clehonger Parish: George Walker commented the “Give way” sign in the hedge at the junction coming northwards towards Clehonger from Locks Garage. This was turned sideways. To be notified to Balfour Beatty. There were also potholes approximately 100 metres up the road from the crossroads.

On Saturday the 25th July the Gardening Competition would be judged. There were 15 entries. FOCP were looking forward to celebrating with events for the Queens forth coming 90th birthday in June 2016. FOCP were still looking for more volunteers and would be extending the gardening competition to include back gardens from 2016.

5.5 Clehonger Primary School:  There were concerns expressed as to the way in which the pre-school situation had transpired. There had been some misunderstandings and people were not happy about how things had turned out.  Some people had decided to take their children to other villages for their pre-school provision rather than to the school in Clehonger. The pre-school that had existed previously had now gone out of business and the school was now offering “wrap around care”. After school and holidays would still be a consideration. It was requested that the concerns about how procedures had been followed be conveyed to Cllr Whittal in order that she might inform the Board of Governors of Clehonger Primary School how people were feeling in the community about the overall situation.

5.6 Lengthsman: Not present but the Ward Councillor explained that more emphasis would be placed on local solutions to issues including potholes by Balfour Beatty. Budgets were decreasing and more jobs were likely to be passed over to local level. There were issues commented of where potholes had been filled and then the road subsequently resurfaced. There need to be a more “joined up” approach taken to spend the money wisely.

  1. To approve minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on 18/06/15 and the Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting held on the 6/07/15

Resolved: – It was resolved that the Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting, held on 18th June 2015, and those of the Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting, held on the 6th July 2015, were approved by the Council and then signed by the Chairman. Proposed by Cllr Morgan and seconded by Cllr Harris.

  1. Clerk Update on Action Items

The Clerk updated the meeting on actions taken including playing field snagging and new Wickstead order. It was resolved that the cheque for Kompan should be retained until the snagging details were completed.

  1. To note correspondence

Correspondence was noted and had been circulated. The Questionnaire regarding the possible disposal of small holdings, and other options as available, would be looked at by Cllr Davies and details then fed back to the Herefordshire Council via the Clerk and Questionnaire. There were comments that the smallholdings were a vital part of agricultural opportunity in the County and an invaluable aid to learning principles of farming. There were believed to be 3 or 4 in the ward, although not actually in the parish. There were persuasive arguments for keeping them as once sold they would not be obtained again.

  1. Finance

9.1 Resolved: The following list of payments were approved, proposed by Cllr Morgan and seconded by Cllr Rees:

Mrs A Wright (July salary £693.88, mileage £54.27, postage £2.29, parking £1.10)   £751.54

Mrs A Wright (August salary £534.48)                                                                 £534.48

The Post Office Ltd (tax)                                                                   £107.80

Kompan (Playing Field Equipment)                                                  £49413.84

Longfield Services (Footpaths P3)                                                       £161.00

Longfield Services (lengthsman)                                                           £84.00

Mrs P Price (Internal Audit)                                                                £120.00

Allen Alderman (Playing Field expenses)                                                £35.85

Terry Gordon (Playing Field Inspection)                                                £300.00

 Total             £51508.51

9.2 Resolved: The bank balance was noted.

As mentioned previously, it was resolved that the payment to Kompan be retained until satisfactory completion of the outstanding issues had been achieved.

  1. Planning. To receive report from Planning Working Group Leader

One application hade been received for consideration:

APPLICATION NO & SITE ADDRESS: 152029 – Newlands, 52 Birch Hill Road, Clehonger, Hereford, Herefordshire HR2 9RF
DESCRIPTION: Proposed extensions, alterations and raising of roof to form habitable space in the new loft area.
APPLICANT(S): Mr & Mrs R Sands
GRID REF: OS 345065, 237284
APPLICATION TYPE: Full Householder

There was a discussion regarding this application. There were some privacy concerns for neighbours. The Planning Working Party would feedback their comments to the Working Party Leader, Cllr Whittal, and a response would be sent from the Parish Council.

  1. Village Matters

The signs at the Lousy Oak junction onto the A465 were discussed. Balfour Beatty had advised that they were monitoring signs. There was a concern that people looking at them, while driving past, could prove to be a hazard as they may not be concentrating fully on their driving. It was resolved to leave the situation, at present. The signs should be removed once the event had finished. To be monitored for two to three months.

The situation regarding the bin emptying issues in Clehonger and Oak Crescent and the bus stop and playing field bins, actually on the field, would be forwarded to the Ward Councillor for his intervention and assistance.

Birch Hill road surface was in urgent need of resurfacing. This had been logged but would be logged again.

A speed limit request for a reduction in the speed limit to 30mph in Church Road, Clehonger was also put forward for a TRO (Traffic Regulation Order) request.

It was commented that Gary Harding had kindly offered some oak trees, if required, for the Playing Field. To be discussed at a forthcoming Playing Field Steering Group Meeting.

  1. Neighbourhood Plan to discuss progressing the Plan on and invite consultants to September Meeting

It was agreed that a planning consultant, Louise Kirkup from Kirkwells, should be invited to the next Parish Council Meeting to outline what could be on offer from a consultant regarding the progression of a Neighbourhood Development Plan. The September Meeting would start at the earlier time of 7.00pm to accommodate this.

  1. Playing Field update and to choose signage wording plus equipment purchase options to be decided, grants and other funding

A small hole had been found in the mound. Allen Alderman, The Playing Field Co-ordinator, had repaired this. Thank you to Allen for this and all of the other work and time spent looking after the playing field and contractors etc. The watering so kindly carried out by the village community had saved the mound and the grass. Thanks again to all for this joint effort.

Signage for the playing field was agreed as 2 Playing Field Rules Signs and 3 dogs on lead signs.

Playing Field Rules ratified as:

Clehonger Parish Council

  Playing Field Rules

  1. Use Playing Field and equipment at own risk
  2. Children under 5 must be accompanied by an adult
  3. No glass or alcohol on the Playing Field
  4. Wear appropriate footwear
  5. Dogs to be on leads at all times
  6. Put litter in the bins provided
  7. Playing Field only to be used between dawn and dusk
  1. Brief Reports from Footpath Warden, HALC Rep, Village Hall Rep and Tree Warden and including consideration of purchase of parish map

Footpath Warden: not present but comment sent: “Please see minutes of meeting already forwarded” (previous month).

HALC Rep:  No update

Tree Warden: Cllr Protherough not present as on holiday. Cllr Savory gave a comprehensive update on trees, surveys, how to assess re girth, radius, diameter. To be listed for posterity and locations of special trees mapped. The trees were items of interest to the village and it would be good to display their locations on a comprehensive map which could be displayed in the Village Hall for reference. There was a Forestry Commission Register, British Isles Tree Register. Cllr Harris could supply a link for a knowledgeable tree specialist. A map would be required. Cllr Davies would check store room for map she believed may be available. Cllr Davies left at 9.30pm. If the map was not available may try Balfour Beatty.

There was still one Parish Councillor Vacancy notified on Clehonger Parish Council. David Taylor had been approached but had declined the invitation.

  1. Items for next Agenda (no discussion)

Consultant for Neighbourhood Development Plan and usual items

  1. Reminder of dates of future meetings

There was a reminder of the date of the next Ordinary Meeting to be held on Thursday 17th September, at the earlier time of 7.00pm, at Innesfield.

The Meeting closed at 9.40pm