Minutes 21st July 2016

Minutes of Clehonger Parish Council Meeting held on 21st July 2016 at 7.30pm at Innesfield Community Centre

Present: Cllrs P Jeffree (Chairman), J Rees, J Harris, C Protherough (Vice Chair), G Savory and A Davies

In attendance:  Mrs A Wright (Clerk), Ward Councillor Steve Williams, Locality Steward Linzy Outtrim, Lengthsman Paul Wright and 6 members of the public.

  1. Introduction and welcome by the Chairman

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

  1. Apologies for Absence

There were apologies received from Cllrs Whittal, Morgan and Walker.

  1. Declarations of Interest

None declared.

  1. Open Session

The first part of the Open Session was concerned with the information that an Environmental Assessment had been undertaken in respect of the Bowling Green Poultry Unit application. The application itself had not been reinstated to date. An Environmental Permit had been applied for. Environmental comments deadline was 13/06/16. This had been classified as a high public interest application and the permit consultation was to end on the 28th July 2016. Further statistical information was given. Ward Cllr Williams would be spending a day with Planning Officer, Roland Close, to ask questions regarding poultry units and find out about planning procedures.

It was agreed that an Extraordinary Meeting of the Parish Council may be held once a formal application had been received.

There were comments regarding low branches on a cherry tree overhanging the adult equipment on the playing field. The lengthsman would see to this and trim them back to a safe level.

The Neighbourhood Watch signs would be fitted subject to Linzy confirming the location.  Mr Harding would liaise.

There was a discussion on road safety mechanisms such ad the signage and picket fences in use at Leigh Sinton on the Hereford to Worcester Road. Peterchurch had partially adopted this approach. White lining could be used to alter perception and the question was asked if bigger signs could be used. These were standard sizes. Red tarmac could be used to denote speed areas although it was commented that there was limited evidence of effectiveness for this. Location would need to be considered and potential cost. The width of the verges would be a critical factor.

Faults were notified to Linzy: Resurfacing of Birch Hill Road required. Usage and categorisation were material factors in decision on timing of whether to resurface or not. Potholes required filling in Pleasant Row.

Categorisation of potholes was explained. Category 1 (marked up in yellow paint) 24 hours to fill in. Category 2 (marked up in white paint) 28 days.

A Parish Walk to be arranged to go out and identify issues and effects plus look at locations for picket fence idea. Linzy would organise a survey for Birch Hill Road re volume of use etc. Other ideas were discussed such as reducing width of carriage way to protect pedestrians who are walking on roads because of no pavements. Quiet Lane Status was discussed. These were designated and higher penalties were attached to speed restrictions. There would be a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) Workshop held at Balfour Beatty on 4th August at 6.00pm. This would be to explain an initiative to introduce a private scheme to accelerate the implementation of TRO’s.

It was commented that the entrance fencing with signage and possibly a message saying to “please drive carefully” would serve to show you were entering a village and would add a sign of pedigree possibly.

A big “thank you” was recorded to Linzy for all of her help and advice.

Linzy Outtrim left the meeting at 8.27pm

  1. Brief Verbal Reports:

5.1 Ward Councillor.  Ward Cllr Williams updated the meeting regarding the Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO) Workshop to be held on the 4th August. This would be held from 6.00pm at the Balfour Beatty Offices at the Thorn Business Park.

5.2 Friends of Clehonger Parish: Cllr Walker provided the following report:

The accounts for the Queen’s 90th Birthday celebrations have been finalised by our FOCP Treasurer Margaret Jackson, with a total of £761.09 raised and banked.   A cheque for £380 has been written and given to Alison Davies, who will give it to Jan Jefferies (Clehonger Playing Field Fund – Treasurer) to bank this week.   The other half £380 will remain with FOCP for future events etc, as stated previously, with the odd £1.09 also kept as admin fees.  A successful outcome, considering the low turn out.

  1. The 2016 Gardening Competition was a success with many quality gardens.   Unfortunately, Herefordshire Housing will not now support us with shopping vouchers for the winners at Innesfield, and a friend at one of the nurseries who have in the past supplied us with plants has now retired, and his successor states that the nursery cannot support us this year.  Who knows what the future will hold.

Therefore, had to buy in some plants, so this year expenses (including purchase of medals, and engraving of shields) came to £44, with entrance fees coming to £16.   Therefore a deficit of £28.   FOCP thanks to Jenny Whittal for again providing us with 2 trays of eggs for the Judges expenses.   Otherwise that would probably have been another £50 expenses.  The Judges this year were Michele Blackmore proprietor of Madley Plants, and Paul Smith a retired plant nursery owner”.    

Cllr Protherough explained that she had now taken on the responsibility for the Village Welcome Packs.

5.3 Clehonger Primary SchoolTo be updated later regarding the line painting

5.4 Locality Steward details in the bulletins and during the Open Session.

5.5 Lengthsman: The lengthsman updated the meeting on actions taken. Some grass mowing, around the bottom of Birch Hill Road, had been undertaken by Herefordshire Housing Contractors. The path from the Seven Stars Public House to the Village was now clear. Options for the bus stop seat were identified. It could be removed, repaired or replaced. Costs for these options would be advised. FOCP may be asked to contribute towards the cost of a new seat, if this option were chosen.

  1. To approve Minutes of the Meeting held on 16/06/16

Resolved: – It was resolved that the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 16th June 2016, were approved by the Council and then signed by the Chairman. Minutes were proposed by Cllr Harris and seconded by Cllr Davies.

  1. Clerk update and correspondence

The Clerk updated the meeting on actions etc. taken including correspondence from the bank identifying the possibility of interest charges on credit balances in the future.

  1. Finance

8.1 Resolved: The following list of payments were approved, proposed by Cllr Harris and seconded by Cllr Protherough:

Mrs A Wright (July salary £524.92, tax refund £76.40 mileage £11.16, postage £0.31, stationery £15.00)                                                                                                         £627.79

Mrs A Wright (August salary £439.52)                                                                          £439.52

Longfield Services (Lengthsman)                                                    £56.00

Herefordshire Housing (Room hire)                                                 £32.00

Herefordshire Council (Playground inspection)                                  £60.72

Total          £1216.03

8.2 Resolved: The bank balance was noted at £22543.36.

8.3 To consider possible donation towards school parking line painting

Two quotations had been obtained, and supplied by the School. The prices were similar with an overall cost for painting the lines of £564.00. The Parish Council resolved to contribute £200.00 towards the cost of the painting and would pay this on receipt of a written request, and receipt from the School, once the painting had been carried out.

The provision of a small gate in the hedge line between the playing field and School was discussed. The Lengthsman would provide a price to supply and fit a small pedestrian “kissing” gate at the location where the children access the field through the hedge.

  1. Planning. To receive report from Planning Working Group Leader

9.1) To receive report from Planning Working Group Leader

No update to report.

9.2) To discuss CIL and 106 payments – update

Mrs Audrey Evans, Chair of the Village Hall Committee, would advise of list for the September meeting on behalf of the Clehonger Village Hall.

Cllr Whittal had made contact with the School and would notify of their requirements once the school had consulted with the children.

9.3) Southern Link Road 151314 – update

The Planning Application had been passed. The Final Decision Notice had been issued. The request for a “call in” by the Secretary of State had been refused. A £600,000 project was underway to inform the business case for the roads. The habitat assessment had been followed up. The issue of the trees had not provided a reason to alter the positioning of the road to date.

9.4) Planning Appeal – Gladmans & Madley Road Site

The Planning Appeal would be taking place of a total of six days during September.

Ward Cllr Williams would be making representation at the inquiry.

  1. Village Matters

10.1)  Speeding and actions – these would be looked at in conjunction with the Locality Steward as regards picket fences and signage etc.

10.2)  Consideration of Community Assets – Councillors to consider what they would like to consider as an asset and then these would be looked at during the September Meeting.

The overgrown plot by the Village Hall had not been tidied again this year. The Enforcement Team had been asked to deal with this but had stated that they would not be doing so this year due to non expediency. The e mail from Scott Low detailing this decision would be sent to Ward Cllr Williams.

  1. To consider the approval of:

11.1) Financial Regulations 2016 Version

11.2) Transparency Policy

11.3) Complaints Policy

The Regulations and Policies had been circulated for review. All were approved for acceptance, without amendment. Proposed by Cllr Davies and seconded by Cllr Savory. Carried

  1. Neighbourhood Plan – update

The Questionnaire was being progressed. The next Steering Group Meeting would be on the 18th August, at Innesfield, from 7.00pm. The grant application was currently on hold.

  1. Playing Field – update

The fencing idea would be re-evaluated and quotes obtained. The Playing Filed Committee would take the ideas back to the table and discuss. The next meeting would be on Monday the 25th July.

  1. Brief Reports from Footpath Warden, HALC Rep and Tree Warden

Footpath Warden: The Footpath Warden would be liaising with the Footpath Contractor.

HALC Rep:  No report this time

Tree Warden: No report at this time

  1. Items for next Agenda (no discussion)

All of the usual items would be on the Agenda plus the consideration of community assets and 106 monies

  1. Reminder of dates of future meetings

There was a reminder of the date of the next Meeting to be held on Thursday 15th September 2016 from 7.30pm at Innesfield.

The Meeting closed at 9.50pm