Minutes 20th October 2021

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of Clehonger Parish Council held on 20th October 2021 from 7.30 pm at the Clehonger Village Hall

Present: Cllrs S Savory, A Davies (Vice Chair), J Jones, C Protherough (Chair), K Langdon and J Whittal
In attendance: Mrs A Wright (Clerk), Ward Cllr David Hitchiner, PCSO Pete Knight and six members of the public.

1. Introduction and welcome by the Chair
Cllr Carole Protherough (Chair) welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2. Co-option of councillor and signing of forms
There were no candidates presented for co-option at the meeting.

3. To receive Apologies for Absence
There were apologies for absence received from Cllr J Harris and Cllr W Watkins

4. To note Declarations of Interest
There were declarations of interest made by Cllr Langdon in regard to planning application 213333.

5. Open Session
PCSO Knight addressed the meeting. There had been damage done to a vehicle locally. Courier fraud targeting an elderly couple had occurred. This type of crime was an ongoing problem with people being persuaded to withdraw large amounts of cash and hand this to the bogus “police” for “safekeeping”. The speed gun was away being recalibrated but the police would be back, checking for speeding motorists in the village, as soon as possible. Comments were made about general concerns of speeding all around in the village. PCSO Knight explained that there was tight legislation as to where a speed detector van can be positioned. There was a website to sign up to for information on local policing issues etc. This website could be found at: www.neighbourhoodmatters.co.uk PCSO Knight had some catalytic converter marking kits available by request. The police had been carrying out additional patrols at the playing field. “Nothing untoward had been noted other than the odd bit of damage.” There was a discussion about pedestrians crossing the B4349 outside the Seven Stars Public House. There were also suggestions about possible speed watch, zebra crossings, signs having been moved at Birch Hill and also issues of road and verge damage in Gosmore Road. All of the items were noted and are listed into a summary of items for discussion on the parish visit at Agenda item number 13. The dog bin by the gate to the Persimmon Estate was also mentioned. This would have to be considered for moving to a different location. Cllr Whittal and the Lengthsman would liaise on this.
6. Brief Verbal Reports:
(6.1) Ward Councillor: The Ward Cllr advised that he had no particular local issues to report on. Instances of fly–tipping should be either phoned in (on 01432 261800) or reported online. There was an update re bus services and a resident who was paying for a bus pass for her child to travel to school was advised to take the issue of no seat availability up with the School Transport Service Provider. They may need to provide additional capacity with a further vehicle? The Ward Cllr made mention of some issues at the Persimmon Estate where there appeared to have been some pumping out of what may have been sewerage, as there had been a “smell” noted. The Ward Cllr would be in conversation with the Enforcement Team to check that all of the properties were connected to the main sewer system.

(6.2) Footpath Officer: The Footpath Officer was not present at the meeting.

(6.3) Tree Warden: The Tree Warden was not present at the meeting.
7.0 Playing Field
(7.1) Update and details of any sub committee meetings/actions etc.
The minutes of the playing field sub committee meeting had been circulated by Cllr Davies. A suggestion of a Christmas tree, with lights and battery power pack, for the playing field had been put forward and the parish council agreed, in principle, that they would fund this for the community and prices for the elements would be sought. Cllr Davies advised that there would be activities to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022.
Cllr Davies was still trying to sort out the football pitch marking. Some damage had occurred to the fencing at the field and this required repair. It had been agreed to leave the fencing as natural coloured wood.
There had been correspondence sent to Cllr Davies by the Clehonger head teacher. This letter had brought up topics such as directional signage to show where the school was from various parts of the village and also a request for the possible planting of a tree by the school on the playing field for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The head had also advised regarding a one way round system in use for school drop off etc. It was agreed that “school this way” signs would not be a good idea for Gosmore Road as there had been incidence of speeding and it was not desirable to encourage traffic to use the road due to the narrowness etc. There could possibly be one from the main road? It was agreed that the signage would be looked into and thought would be given to the tree proposal, once the species of tree were known. There would also need to be an assurance of after care for the tree, if it were to be planted. Cllr Davies would feedback to the head on the topics that had been raised.

(7.2) To discuss possible use of 106 monies and land usage.
Cllr Davies introduced the idea of a survey for the village to find out what facilities etc. people would like to see provided. The idea of finding a land parcel for alternative recreational use was mentioned and also the possibility of a “drop-in” centre with provision of things for young people being made. Transport links would be a consideration too. There were already adult volunteers who had offered to help with the venture, if it were to be progressed. The survey would have no preconceived ideas but would ask for ideas from all age groups. The possibility of an on-line survey would be considered.

8. To approve Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 15/09/21
It was resolved that the Minutes of the Meeting, held on 15th September 2021, at the Hall, were approved by the Council.

9. Information and correspondence
Parish Precepts – request for 2022 – 2023 information on amount required
Talk Community Newsletter 24 September 2021

Visit by Road Safety Advisor and Locality Steward – road safety measures/speeding
Provisional booking for visit by Road Safety Advisor Ian Connolly and Locality Steward Paul Norris on Tuesday 26th October at 12 noon, meeting place to be confirmed. Also the strategy for highlighting areas for their attention would be arranged at the October PC Meeting.

10. Finance and Policies
(10.1) Resolved: The following list of payments were approved:
Clerk paid in accordance with contract (Oct) plus tax refund
Longfield Services (Lengthsman/Bins) £318.15
Clehonger Village Hall (Hall hire) £10.50
Mrs F White (playing field inspection 2021) £63.40
Eyelid productions (web site services) £60.00

(9.2) Resolved: The bank balance was noted at £40447.53
11. Planning.
(11.1) To consider response to Planning Applications, as notified, and then determined by Herefordshire Council

There were new planning applications advised as follows:

APPLICATION NO & SITE ADDRESS: Planning Consultation – 213403 – Site at The Hines, 33 Gosmore Road, Clehonger, Herefordshire, HR2 9SN
DESCRIPTION: Outline planning for 2 bedroom Bungalow.
GRID REF: OS 344884, 237502

The Parish Council resolved that there were no objections to the proposals in application 213403.

APPLICATION NO & SITE ADDRESS: Planning Consultation – 213333 – Wellfield, Poplar Road, Clehonger, Herefordshire, HR2 9SW
DESCRIPTION: Erection of five dwellings, with associated drainage
GRID REF: OS 344886, 237205
APPLICATION TYPE: Planning Permission

There was a discussion about the proposal for five dwellings on the Wellfield site in Poplar Road. The Parish Council also heard representation from local residents. There was an adjacent smallholding/ working farm next to the site to be considered, plus a number of other factors. There were concerns expressed about the proposed sewerage treatment arrangements, the potential for there to be flooding of properties lower down the road and also the absence of an Environmental Impact Assessment was noted. The comments would be circulated and agreed before submission. An Environmental Impact Assessment would also be requested.

12. Village Matters (brief action points on matters not covered elsewhere)
The meeting was advised that the new Vicar for the Benefice had been installed on 18th October 2021.
Cllr Savory had brought along the draft village map for comments and approval. The draft copy was looked at by the councillors. No final decision on this was recorded at the meeting.
The land by the hall, at the end of Birch Hill Road, was still very untidy and overgrown. Cllr Jones advised that someone had come along to tidy it but that the mower had broken. The Clerk had checked with the Enforcement Team and they had advised that they had the “situation in hand.”

13. To consider possible items for road improvement matters and items to be considered in regard to highway safety and speeding in the village
Various items were highlighted during the course of the meeting. These included:

1) Gosmore Road, including request for verge markers at end by public footpath onto the Persimmon Estate.
2) Birch Hill including narrow section, moved 30 mph signage, fence panel barrier at top of Birch Hill. Query regarding 30 mph zone.
3) Birch Hill Road, road surface etc.
4) Pedestrian crossing? Harpacre area or Persimmon/Bines have been suggested?? Seven Stars and bus stop – crossing?
5) Speeding on B4349 in both directions. Speed monitoring and possibility for speed gun/ community speed watch group?
6) General speeding issues. Concern over access and vehicle movements by new construction site for 90 homes by Shark House Barn

The working party participating in the parish visit would include:
Ian Connolly – Traffic Safety Advisor – West Mercia Police
Paul Norris – Senior Locality Steward – Balfour Beatty
Cllr Carole Protherough, Chair of Clehonger Parish Council
Cllr Alison Davies, Vice Chair
Cllr Krina Langdon
Alison Wright – Parish Clerk to Clehonger Parish Council

It was agreed that the party would meet back at the Village Hall to interact with any residents who wished to discuss points of concern.

14. To discuss how to engage with the community in relation to the revised Herefordshire Local Plan Consultation
This item would be on the November Agenda

15. Items for next Agenda (no discussion)
All of the usual items would be on the Agenda. Also – the co-option of a new councillor and the interactive appraisal. Feedback on road safety and local area plan

16. Reminder of dates of future meetings
The next Meeting of the Parish Council would be held on Wednesday 17th November 2021, from 7.30pm, at the Clehonger Village Hall.

Due to the confidential nature of the business of this agenda item, under the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 (3) it is proposed to put forward a motion to exclude members of the public during discussion of this agenda item (number 16 only)
17. Clerk and Parish Council interactive appraisal.
This item was postponed.

The Meeting closed at 9.20 PM.