Minutes 20th October 2016

Minutes of Clehonger Parish Council Meeting held on 20th October 2016 at 7.30pm at Innesfield Community Centre

Present: Cllrs P Jeffree (Chairman), J Rees, J Harris, C Protherough (Vice Chair), G Walker, A Morgan and A Davies

In attendance:  Mrs A Wright (Clerk), Ward Councillor Steve Williams, The Footpath Warden and 2 members of the public.

  1. Introduction and welcome by the Chairman

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

  1. Apologies for Absence

There were apologies received from Cllrs G Savory and J Whittall.

  1. Declarations of Interest

None declared.

  1. Open Session

Jane Matthews was present and explained about the defibrillator pads. The defibrillator required replacement pads, on a time scale basis, and the Village Hall had agreed to replace the pads at a cost of £61.19 this time around. There was a discussion around the ongoing maintenance of the machine and also the need for a contact list of responders to be drawn up. It was resolved that the Parish Council would assume responsibility for the upkeep of the defibrillator, in terms of buying replacement pads and for paying the fee to register and maintain the list of responders. This was proposed by Cllr. Jeffree and carried unanimously. A further set of spare pads would be purchased immediately, by the Parish Council, and Jane would contact the Ambulance Service to set the list of contacts up. Once this has been done the Parish Council would pay the set up and maintenance fee for the list.  The Clerk and Jane would confer over the pad detail specification etc.

It was also suggested that Herefordshire Housing (via Audrey Gummery) be asked to raise awareness of the defibrillator with all existing and new tenants. They would also be asked if they may be able to make a contribution towards the upkeep.

  1. Brief Verbal Reports:

5.1 Ward Councillor.  Ward Cllr Williams updated the meeting regarding recent planning application outcomes. The application 162654 at land adjacent to Lansdown Villa, Clehonger had been turned down to due to concerns regarding “access and the unsuitability for pedestrians”.  He advised that as time goes forward Parishes will be asked to deal with increasing workloads, in terms of service provision, and they need to be considering precept requirements accordingly. This is as a result of funding cuts, to the County Council, by Central Government. There had been a chaotic time in the Planning Department as they had moved offices and were now in Plough Lane. An outcome to the Gladman’s Inquiry was not anticipated until the end of November. Linzy Outtrim had arranged fly-tipping collections from Ruckhall Lane and had attended the gullies in Church Road. Cllr Williams had attended a meeting regarding the Wye and Usk and phosphate levels. He was awaiting further details from Kate Adams of the Wye and Usk Foundation. The Ward Cllr would try to be at the meeting of Clehonger PC on the 17th November but there were some others being held on the same evening.

5.2 Friends of Clehonger Parish: Cllr Walker reported that there was going to be a meeting held shortly and that he was waiting for a reply from Mrs Bedford regarding the donation request for the Whist Drive.

5.3 Clehonger Primary School: Cllr Whittal was not present.

5.4 Locality Steward details in the bulletins. Actions were being taken regarding the items raised in the Parish Walk, signpost had been straightened at Ruckhall, gullies cleared etc.

5.5 Lengthsman: Gullies cleared, shelter repainted with anti-vandal paint and the bin had been bolted down to the concrete pad to prevent it being used as a step ladder. There had been reports of bad language and objects being thrown at the bus drivers. It was commented that since CCTV had been installed at the Village Hall the trouble that had been experienced, in the vicinity down there, had not re-occurred. CCTV may be a future consideration although there would be potential restrictions regarding possible filming.

  1. To approve Minutes of the Meeting held on 15/09/16

Resolved: – It was resolved that the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 15th  September 2016, were approved by the Council and then signed by the Chairman. Minutes were proposed by Cllr Harris and seconded by Cllr Rees.

  1. Clerk update and correspondence

The Clerk updated the meeting on actions etc. taken and explained the new grant funding options for the Lengthsman and Footpath Schemes.

  1. Finance

8.1 Resolved: The following list of payments were approved unanimously:

Mrs A Wright (salary £662.25, tax refund £96.80 mileage £8.73, home office £50.00) £817.78

Longfield Services (Lengthsman/PF/P3 Footpaths)                                  £256.50

Bikedock Solutions (bus shelter seat)                                                    £297.60

Herefordshire Housing (Room hire)                                                        £40.00

Total       £ 1411.88    

8.2 Resolved: The bank balance was noted at £29503.64.

  1. Planning. To receive report from Planning Working Group Leader

9.1) To receive report from Planning Working Group Leader

One new application had been received.

Planning Application no. 162904, Land to rear of Bine Cottage, Clehonger, HR2 9SL: Proposed erection of five dwellings with integral garages, the extension of an existing access road and associated highway works.

The Parish Council considered the application and objected on the following grounds:

  • The road is very busy, and potentially dangerous, in terms of access and for crossing the road to amenities, such as the village shop, for any potential residents.
  • There is concern over the issue of sewerage capacity and of connectivity with the other parts of the village.
  • There is also concern over the potential removal of what is shown on old maps as ancient orchard, the vestiges of which exist today as a habitat for wildlife.
  • The term “scorched earth” policy was used regarding the destruction of the ancient trees etc. for the building of houses when the village has already had applications passed for a large number of additional houses, on various sites.

It is hope that the comments made, in regard to this application, will result in a recommendation for refusal of the proposed planning application as was believed to be the case, some years previously, when an application was made for one dwelling at the location.

The Clehonger Parish Council has also been asked to convey the additional concern regarding the proposed alteration to the slip road at the front of the existing properties (the intention to remove the lay-by and replace with a grass strip and pavement adjacent to the road).

It is believed that the changes proposed will cause issues of safety due to the fact that the slip road is currently used by delivery lorries, farm vehicles etc. as a pull-in off the highway.

9.2)  Southern Link Road 151314 – update

Cllr Protherough updated that there had been a meeting for the Council to bestow the power to itself to negotiate the potential compulsory purchasing of the land required to progress the application. There had been a peaceful protest about this on the steps of the Shire Hall. The Council would now have the ability to purchase properties adjacent to the road. The Southern Link Road would be the first stage of the Western By-Pass route.

9.3)  Planning Appeal – Gladmans & Madley Road Site – update

         This was updated by Ward Cllr Williams during his report. The outcome of the inquiry was awaited.

The Planning Application for the Energy Plant on Stoney Street, Madley (P162770/F Small Scale Gas Fired Energy Reserve Facility and Ancillary Infrastructure) appeared to have been withdrawn and would be re-presented.

  1. Village Matters

10.1) Speeding and actions update – the gated approaches will be considered as will Speed Indicator Devices (SIDS). Going forward, developers could be asked to pay for some of the required initiatives. There will be a push to plan for one gated village entrance, in the first instance.

10.2) Consideration of Community Assets

This item would be considered at the November Meeting.

Other items to note:

  • There would be an informal bonfire evening on the 28th November for the Church.
  • The Queen had acknowledged the 90th Birthday Greeting, sent to her by the Parish, and the reply from her Lady in Waiting was in the notice boards.
  1. Consideration of items for budget and precept setting

To include gated village entrance provision, SIDS and Parish Freighter. Request was made for the Parish Freighter to be organised for the 26th November between 11.00am and 1.00pm. This would be arranged. Mr Jim Jones kindly confirmed the Village Hall booking for the Clehonger Village Hall car park on that date.

  1. Neighbourhood Plan – update

Cllr Savory had sent out an amended Questionnaire. There were some further amendments to be made. The next meeting would be held on 2nd November between 7.00 and 9.00pm, at the Innesfield Community Centre, and the Clerk would book this date with Herefordshire Housing.

  1. Playing Field – update

A request for quotes had gone out for the attachment of wooden boards to some of the existing concrete posts. Some concern had been expressed about drilling into the posts, in case they disintegrate. The proposal, and way forward, would be referred back to the Playing Field Committee to look at the possible options. It was agreed that there would be a “go ahead” on the installation of new pieces of equipment. This was a unanimous decision and the Parish Council would fund any installation costs. The choice of these items would be decided with the Playing Field Committee buying one piece and the Parish Council the other, using the allocated funds. The full replacement of the fencing would be looked into also with the Clerk investigating the green fencing, as seen at the New Radnor Primary School.

The cost of maintaining the playing field would need to be added to the precept. Cllr Jeffree would provide some budget figures for consideration, as in previous years.

  1. Brief Reports from Footpath Warden, HALC Rep and Tree Warden

Footpath Warden: The Footpath Warden was present and he thanked the Parish Council for appointing him. He was awaiting the location maps from Linzy Outtrim and a list of the duties of a Footpath Officer. He had walked some of the footpaths and was looking at the maintenance issues. In about a months time he would have an idea of what was required. The footpath sign by the Seven Stars Public House was broken and the Clerk would report this and chase up the maps.

There was a suggestion of moving the litter bin, near to the phone kiosk on the pavement by the Playing Field, into the field or down to the corner. Its current position was making it difficult to get wheelchairs and buggies past.

HALC Rep:  No report this time.

Tree Warden: Not present.

  1. Items for next Agenda (no discussion)

All of the usual items would be on the Agenda plus the consideration of the budget and precept and also ideas for Community Assets consideration (Pub, Church and Clehonger Village Hall etc.)

  1. Reminder of dates of future meetings

There was a reminder of the date of the next Meeting to be held on Thursday 17th November 2016 from 7.30pm at Innesfield.

The Meeting closed at 9.23pm