Minutes 20th July 2022

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of Clehonger Parish Council held on 20th July 2022 from 7.30 pm at the Clehonger Village Hall

NB- The minutes are “draft” until ratified at the following parish council meeting.

Present: Cllrs S Savory, A Davies, J Jones, W Watkins, K Langdon and J Whittal (Vice Chair and in the Chair for the meeting)
In attendance: Mrs A Wright (Clerk), Footpath Officer Blue Davies and four members of the public.

1. Open Session with any parishioners who have joined the Meeting (to include any update from West Mercia Police – if in attendance
Cllr Jenn Whittal (in the Chair) welcomed everyone to the meeting.
A resident asked a question about the bank balance and why it had been the same at two dates published. This was because the actual bank statement is always used and the figure may be the same if a new statement has not arrived before the agenda is published.

2. Co-option of councillor and signing of forms
There were no candidates presented for co-option at the meeting.

3. To receive Apologies for Absence
There were apologies for absence received from Cllrs C Protherough and N Rider plus Ward Cllr David Hitchiner.

4. To note Declarations of Interest
There were declarations of interest made by Cllrs Watkins and Jones in relation to the Village Hall plus Cllr Whittal in any matters relating to the Church. Cllr K Langdon also declared an interest in planning application 221864, land at Yew Tree Farm.

5. To approve Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 15/06/22
The Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on the 15th June 2022 were approved.
6. Finance and Policies
(6.1) Resolved: The following list of payments were approved:
Clerk paid in accordance with contract (July and August)
Expenses £33.91
HM Revenue & Customs (tax) refund to A Wright £116.20
HM Revenue & Customs (Ers NI) due the HMRC £11.46
Longfield Services (Lengthsman/Bins/repairs etc) £420.85
Clehonger Village Hall (Hall hire 15/06/22) £14.00
Eyelid Productions Ltd. (web services) £30.00

Resolved: The bank balance was noted at £37728.47

The Clerk advised that VAT had been reclaimed in the sum of £3418.55
6.2) To consider a request for financial support from Herefordshire Helpers
The parish council discussed the request for support with the aim of reducing food waste by the Herefordshire Helpers. The venture was obtaining and redistributing food to avoid it being thrown away. The parish council had taken advice from HALC and were able to support the venture. The parish council agreed to support HH by paying for the hall rental at Clehonger for a period not exceeding 10 weeks at £21.00 per week. The hall would invoice the parish council once the hire had taken place. The payments would then be made at the parish council meeting intervals.
6.3) To discuss request for support with cost of school signage
This was discussed and the parish council resolved that the school signage was believed to be a local authority, or a school, responsibility and the parish council would therefore not be prepared to fund the school signage.

7.0 Playing Field
(7.1) Update on matters relating to the playing field
Cllr Davies advised that the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebration Event had raised a total of £500.00. Of this sum there were costs for the insurance of £100.00 and hall hire of £50.00 to be paid. This had left a balance of £300.00 and £150.00 had been paid to the school funds and £150.00 held on reserve to provide a bouncy castle event on the field, at a later date, as this element of the day had been cancelled due to the weather. It was agreed that the bouncy castle event would be PC led and that Cllr Davies would arrange the bouncy castle hire etc.

8. Planning.
To consider response to Planning Applications, as notified, and then determined by Herefordshire Council

One application for consideration of comments this time:

APPLICATION NO & SITE ADDRESS: Planning Consultation – 221864 – Land at Yew Tree Farm, Poplar Road, Clehonger, Herefordshire, HR2 9SW
DESCRIPTION: Proposed demolition of existing redundant outbuildings and construction of a new two bedroom dwelling. Construction of wider site access point with new yard gates
GRID REF: OS 344793, 237271
APPLICATION TYPE: Planning Permission

The parish council discussed the application 221864 and resolved that there were no outright objections to the proposal, but that housing stock capacity numbers from the Neighbourhood Development Plan should be noted. The indicative numbers of new houses had already been extensively exceeded for the village. Also that note should be taken regarding any potential issues in regard to water and sewerage services supplied by Welsh Water in terms of capacity.

9. Clehonger Parish Church
To hear update on any Church related items
Cllr Jenn Whittal advised that there had been a successful fund raising concert organ recital held at Clehonger Church on the 16th July. The recital had been well attended and had proved to be a good social and community event.

10. Knife Angel
To hear any updates on follow up projects and activities
Cllr Davies advised that the project was looking to get something going for the local youth in the autumn. The group were working with children all around the place and things were described as “going well”.

11. Clehonger Village Hall
The Village Hall Committee Chair advised that a meeting had been held of the committee but that no further progress had been made, on the hall development plans, as the architect was on holiday at the present time. There would be more information in September.

12. Parish roads and footpaths, trees and land
12.1) To note any defects to be reported to Balfour Beatty
The Locality Steward had replied to concerns raised about the condition of Birch Hill Road. The repairs and upgrade were in a list but were not considered a priority by the service provider. Interim patching and repairs would continue.

12.2) To consider any issues in relation to footpaths
The Footpath Officer reported that the paths were “in good shape”. He mentioned a future set of different length walks for the Poppy Challenge being arranged in conjunction with the Madley and District British Legion. These would be held on 18th September 2022 and would be four, seven and ten miles in length. Details were being advertised.

12.3) To put forward work for the Lengthsman
To clean the plastic in the Poplar Road notice board as it was cloudy and difficult to see through. To refurbish the Church area Council Information board with new map and to fit the new information and notice boards.

12.4) To receive any update regarding trees
The Tree Warden had sent his apologies. There were no further updates.

12.5) To consider any matters relating to speeding in the village
There was a discussion about the issues of speeding in the village and concerns were expressed about how the problem could be addressed. There was a resolve to look at the Community Speed Watch initiative, to be run by the community and to follow the set up principles as detailed:
Steps for Community Speed Watch
1. Report locations of areas – identify by bus stop/house name/road no etc – photos are a good way of identifying locations
2. SNT notified of locations to carry out initial speed study
3. Have a group of 6 willing volunteers – can be more (need to meet on a regular basis (once a week)? A team from within the group can be formed, but must contain at least 3 people)
4. Identify a group coordinator
5. Make contact with Force CSW Marc Watts – CSW@westmercia.police.uk
6. Once Force CSW coordinator has carried out his Risk assessment and Speed Survey – All parties will undergo a baseline vetting and will need to provide photo ID
7. ID Check completed and signed off by PCSO/PC
8. Force CSW will make the final decision regarding the group and the locations
9. When agreed, training date to be arranged
10. After being trained, group to maintain contact with SNT ref group activity for support
The Clerk would advertise the scheme on the Clehonger Parish Forum to seek volunteers to come forward. The scheme would need approval by the police but the proposal would be considered to be put to them for potential approval, subject to all the required criteria being met.

13. Information Sheet, Correspondence plus Ward Councillor Report
13.1) To note Information and Correspondence sheet:
Herefordshire Council:
Talk Community bulletins
Election Canvassing
Information Corner
Training opportunities

Welcome Packs
The Chair, Cllr Protherough, had asked everyone to inform her of Welcome Pack requirements as there was believed to be a number required.

Street Lighting
A number of lamp posts were displaying faults, either not working at all (post number 22) or on in the daylight hours (post number 21). The faults had been reported but were still unresolved. Cllr Rider was going to look into what was happening with the posts (from previous meeting).

13.2) To receive any update from the Ward Councillor (also Leader’s Report)
The Ward Cllr had sent his apologies. updated the meeting about the Stronger Towns Fund which was in the point of submission. The museum and library facilities were included in this. Funding for the Model Farm at Ross on Wye was being bid for with a balance of funding arrangement for the Herefordshire Council if the project were to be under bid. There was a brief discussion on council funding and the cabinet structure, which had not been changed.

13.3) To consider further consultation on the Local Area Plan (Core Strategy)
It was agreed that councillors should submit their own individual opinions and comments on the Local Area Plan consultation.

14. Matters to be raised on the Agenda of the next Meeting
All usual matters would be included plus minutes from the Extraordinary Meeting to be held on the 12th September 2022 in regard to 106 funding and survey of the parish residents.

15. Confirmation of date of next Parish Council Meeting
The next Meeting of the Parish Council would be held on Wednesday 21st September 2022, from 7.30pm, at the Clehonger Village Hall. An Extraordinary Meeting would be held on the 12th September 2022 in regard to 106 funding and survey of the parish residents.

The Meeting closed at 8.31 PM.