Minutes 19th September 2013

Minutes of Clehonger Parish Council Meeting held on 19th September 2013 at 7.30pm at Innesfield Community Centre

Present: Cllrs C Tomlinson (Chairman), P Jeffree, A Morgan, G Walker, J Thorne, J Hammond and C Protherough

In attendance:   Mrs A Wright (Clerk), Ward Councillor David Taylor, and 6 members of the public.

  1. 1.  Introduction and welcome by the Chairman  

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

  1. 2.  Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from Cllrs Rider and Whittal.

  1. 3.  Declarations of Interest

Resolved: Cllrs C Protherough and J Hammond declared a prejudicial interest in matters relating to the Village Hall and Councillor Tomlinson declared similar in relation to Dore Community Transport.

  1. 4.  Open Session

A written correspondence was read out concerning the state of repair to the surface of Birch Hill Road which was crumbling and peppered with pot holes. This was seen as a potential hazard to pedestrians and road users alike. Grit bins would be ordered for some new locations and open topped bins replaced with covered ones. This would be organised at the next meeting, once the number required and locations had been established. The Poplar Road/Northamfield Road junction was one place that a bin would be required. Fund raising, via Village Hall harvest supper and Church draw were planned for the purchase of the defibrillator and a phone call had been received by the clerk with a donation offer of £100 that evening. There were two issues of concern in the neighbouring parish of Allensmore and these would be highlighted to the Clerk of the Parish as follows:-

1) Council mentioned that between Locks Garage and Poplar Road there is a “Give Way” sign obscured by a hedge.

2) The white lines at the junction of Cobhall Court have disappeared and it is feared there could be an accident as the junction is difficult to distinguish at night.

Concerns were also raised over changes to permits for use of the refuse disposal facility. This included restrictions on number of trips and maximum trailer size. There was concern that this may result in increased incidences of fly tipping. The Clerk would convey this concern to the relevant department.



  1. 5.  Brief Verbal Reports:

5.1 Local Policing Team. The crime trends were noted as per the bulletin. Local thefts from trailers and containers were still an issue and suspicious vehicles and incidents had been reported regarding people trying to gain unauthorised access to property. A reminder was given to everyone to call 101 and report any concerns. The bulletin also contained details of changes to local policing. Local Police Teams will be known as Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNT’s) and the Local Police Officer will be the Safer Neighbourhood Officer (SNO). Community Support Officers will now be known as Police Community Support Officers (PCSO’s). The PCSO’s will have more powers including the power to detain, the power to issue fixed penalty tickets for a number of offences, the power to search for alcohol and tobacco and the seizure of said items. PCSO’s will now work until midnight on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.

5.2 Ward Councillor. Cllr Taylor spoke about the recycling centre issues and permits. He had also written to ask about the viability of the new scheme with particular emphasis on the exclusion of certain types and sizes of trailer. He explained that Welsh Water needed to undertake some remedial pipe work at the Ruckall Bridge site before the repair works can take place. Something has to be done to this area by the 15th October deadline. He will be enquiring as to whether the Core Strategy response, from Clehonger Parish, was received by Herefordshire Council.

5.3 Dore Community Transport. An offer for the stolen vehicle has been received and trustees would be asked if they wish to accept the offer. A top up will be required to obtain an equivalent replacement. There was still no settlement on the original accident at The Bowling Green location. The Dore Trustees were in continual contact with Herefordshire Council pending an outcome.

5.4 Clehonger Jubilee Group. Cllr Walker reported that the Village Garden Competition had received sixteen entries. There had been an excellent standard. Vouchers and prizes had been awarded to the winning entrants and the gardens were worthy of note for all of the efforts made. The Jubilee Group had a cheque for £500.00 to present for inclusion to the ring fenced Playing Field Fund. A short statement was read out which contained some caveat details regarding the contribution. After discussion it was resolved that the document should be re-worded and signed by the Chairs of the Parish Council and the Jubilee Group in agreement regarding the donation. This document may be viewed separately, if required. There was also a cheque from the Tuesday Group for £60.00 and at this point Jane Whistance entered the Hall with a cheque for £1000.00 from the Clehonger Community Group also for inclusion to the ring fenced fund. Further details of the presentation under item 9.3. The total ring fenced fund now stands at £7560.00. At this point 8.20pm PCSO Fiona Witcher arrived. She summarised the details of the bulletin as previously noted and said that she, or another PCSO, would be attending Parish Council Meetings when scheduling permitted. Parishioners raised concerns over speeding in the village and also there were reports of a dangerous dog that had allegedly bitten someone, and their pet dog, whilst not under control, or on a lead. PCSO Witcher stated that registration numbers were essential to help catch speeding vehicles and that if she had details of the owner of the “dangerous” dog then she may be able to visit and discuss the matter with a view to improving levels of responsibility. She could only do this if someone made a formal complaint and advised her of the details of who the owner was.

5.5 Broadband Champion. A brief resume was given re Fastershire and table top planning would be undertaken by BT to the end of September with post codes determining roll out. This was a joint venture with Gloucestershire and a timetable would be following.

5.6 Church    No update.

5.7 Clehonger Primary School      No update.


  1. 6.  To approve minutes of the Meeting held on 01/08/13.

Resolved: – The Minutes of the meeting, held on 1st August 2013, were approved by the Council and then signed by the Chairman. There was one amendment to the item regarding the garden competition vouchers which should have read “5 x £5.00 worth of vouchers”.


7. Clerk Update on Action Items

The clerk updated regarding actions including feedback from the interview with the Parish Freighter organiser who had been asked about the early arrival and early finish in relation to a published and booked time slot plus the refusal of some waste items from the Pre School. These had been some small broken toy items and the Council Officer had said that they represented “trade waste” because they did not come from a residential household and the fact that he knew this was the case meant that the items could not be included in the freighter. Overall this was perceived as somewhat unfair, and unreasonable, but he stated that rules had to be followed with no exceptions. This answer was not greeted favourably by persons present at the meeting.

The Clerk had written to Cllr Philip Price in support of Eaton Bishop Parish regarding the Ruckall Bridge situation and again reminded subsequently of the concern around the continued lack of repair to the Bridge. Neither communication had received an acknowledgement of any kind.

The Core Strategy response had been received to say that the returned document had been located. Cllr Taylor would be checking to make sure that the views had been considered at the appropriate time.

The Clerk has attended the Balfour Beatty Launch evening and was attempting to put together all of the appropriate contact details for the relevant issues.


  1. 8.  To note correspondence

Items had included letters regarding Birch Hill Road conditions, waste permits, HALC and Herefordshire Council Hereforupdates, Police Briefings, details of the “Twoshare Everywhere” car sharing initiative plus various others as circulated.

9.  Finance

9.1 Resolved: The following list of payments were approved:

Lengthsman (R. Layton Morris)                                              £300.00

Mrs A Wright – (sal £356.12 mileage£23.31, phone £12.78, ink £12.00)      £381.47

Tax due on salary payment (Payable to The Post Office)             £89.20

Herefordshire Council (Playground inspection)                           £40.60

Grant Thornton UK LLP (External Audit Fee)                            £120.00

Sub Total          £954.01

Parish Planning for Real Payments

Print Plus (PP Questionnaires)                                                £442.00

2 Invoices submitted at the meeting (as below)

P. Moore (Mailing Post Bags)                                                   £45.89

P. Moore (Archive boxes)                                                        £23.00

PP Sub Total          £510.89

Grand Total        £1464.90

9.2 Resolved: The bank balance was noted

Clerk to double check that new signatory was fully set up with RBS.

9.3 Presentation of Cheques for Playing Field Ring Fenced Fund

A presentation followed of a cheque for £500.00 from The Clehonger Jubilee Group, and then one for £60.00 from the Tuesday Group. As they were being presented to the Chair, Mr Tomlinson, by Alison Davies, a representative of the Clehonger Community Group came in to the Hall and presented a cheque to the fund for £1000.00. There was much excitement and celebration and the total for the Playing Field Ring Fenced sum now stands at £7560.00. Thanks and congratulations were extended to everyone who had worked so hard to achieve the fantastic results. Photographs were taken of the presentation for inclusion in publicity notices.

  1. 10.  Planning

Three planning applications had been received for:-

1) SITE:  Dunan House, Clehonger, Herefordshire, HR2 9SF

DESCRIPTION: Alterations to existing garage to form double garage with games room over.


GRID REF: OS   346966, 237247

APPLICATION TYPE: Full Householder

The Council returned the following comments: – The Parish Council supports the application.


2) SITE:   Seven Stars Inn, Clehonger, Hereford, HR2 9SL

DESCRIPTION: Proposed link to existing pub store to create a new entrance to pub, provide skittle alley and disabled toilet.


GRID REF: OS   345443, 237768

APPLICATION TYPE: Planning Permission

The Council returned the following comments: – The Parish Council welcomes and supports this application.


3) SITE:   Land adjoining Landimore, 12, Poplar Road, Clehonger Hereford, HR2 9RA

DESCRIPTION: Reserved matters in respect of S121299/O –proposed residential development for five houses.


GRID REF: OS   344617, 237328

APPLICATION TYPE: Approval of Reserved Matters


The Council returned the following comments: – The Parish Council believe that the revised plans are more suited to the site but still have concerns over the provision of sewerage and drainage.


  1. 11.  Parish Plan

There was an update on the questionnaire which was being printed and would be being distributed from the following week. Helpers were still needed for the distribution and collecting the questionnaires back in would take more time. Signs would go up in the shop to state Questionnaires available. It was anticipated that the whole of Poplar Road would be included event the part technically in Allensmore Parish. The Clerk would write a courtesy note to advise Allensmore Parish Council that the 24 houses would be included in the Parish Plan survey. The Clerk would also write a “permit” notice for each participant in the delivery and collection to show to householders in the event of any query as to what they were doing. The Clerk would also advise the local policing team so that they would be aware in case of any concerns or queries as to why people were knocking on doors. Activities would be taking place over the forthcoming three weeks up to the 23rd October. An information sheet regarding the Playing Field would be circulated with notice of Kompan being the preferred supplier for the equipment. The Plan may well be redefined and new costs obtained. There was now enough money in the fund to commence grant applications.

There had been a discussion around the school and the requirement for car parking. The Chair and Cllr Protherough would arrange to meet the new Head Teacher to discuss the issue. It was understood that the Playing Field Deeds are held by the Parish’s banker, namely, RBS. It was believed that a decree existed to prohibit any building on the Playing Field. Sport England would likely have an interest in the preservation of it too.


  1. 12.  Village Matters

There are still parking problems ongoing outside the school. Persons who are observed to be causing the issues, particularly at the crossroads will likely have their car registration numbers reported to the 101 Police Reporting Line for information and subsequent appropriate action.


13. Defibrillator 

Information is as previously stated. Fund raising is ongoing. Clerk to press for an answer from Herefordshire Housing on the suitability of/permission to install a defibrillator at the Innesfield Community Centre.


14. Brief Reports from Footpath Warden, HALC Rep, Village Hall Rep and Tree Warden

Footpath Warden No further update

HALC Rep   No further details apart from the possibility of HALC being involved with the Lengthsman Scheme in some way. To be confirmed.

Village Hall Rep   Harvest Supper, tickets in aid of the Defibrillator Fund

Tree Warden No further update


  1. 15.  Items for next Agenda (no discussion)

Donations, precept, defibrillator update and Parish Plan update


  1. 16.  Reminder of dates of future meetings

The next Meeting will be held on Thursday 17th October 2013, 7.30pm at the Innesfield Community Centre. Next year’s meetings will be arranged to give advance dates.


The Meeting closed at 9.32pm