Minutes 19th August 2019

Minutes of the Clehonger Neighbourhood Development Plan meeting held 19th August 2019

Present:  Alison Davies, Jane Rees, Jenny Whittal, Krina Langdon, Robert Williams, Blu Davies, Terry Jones, Jean Harris, Patrick Birchley, Margaret Price, Barbara Alsford, Carole Protherough, Dr David Nicholson.

Apologies:         Alan Lavers, Alan Morgan

  1. Welcome Alison opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.  She then handed over to  Dr David Nicholson.
  2. Review of comments to the regulation 14 consultation.

David Nicholson referred to the draft Response Log which he had prepared, which set out the comments received to the Regulation 14 consultation.  He explained that most comments were without responses at this stage – these would be written after the meeting the purpose of which was to receive Steering Group reaction to comments.

Comments by Breinton Parish Council re views.  The Group advised that there was no public accessible viewpoint and it was agreed that in these circumstances it would not be appropriate to protect any such views.

Settlement boundary:  Dr Nicholson explained that it would be appropriate to extend the boundary to include the individual houses Shark House and Shark barn.  This was discussed and it was agreed to bring them into the settlement boundary.

There was considerable discussion about land at Gosmore Road, which the agent for the land owners had requested be included in the settlement boundary.  It was agreed that this would not be appropriate as the settlement boundary already reflected the built form of the village. Other areas discussed were the environmental impact, flooding of the fields in question and local properties, highways, access and the car parking proposals.  Comments were also made that we are well over our housing requirement until 2031.

Belmont Golf course.  A comment had been received about proposed planning for 600 houses on Belmont golf Course and part of the development would be in Clehonger NDP area.  It was agreed no tot include the proposed site as and allocation/reserve site because of its remoteness from the village and the excessive scale of growth compared to the Core Strategy proportionate requirement. It was agreed to clarify the plan at para 4.5 in light of the comment on housing delivery.  No other changes were to be made in respect of the other comments.

A & V Hil wrote to ask that the Settlement boundary be changed to include their field.  It was agreed to leave the boundary as it was.

Carole Protherough and Barbara Alsford declared an interest in Walnut Tree farm and Glen Lewis’s letters.

Application to build 2 more houses at Walnut Tree Farm.  There was discussion and it was agreed to leave the boundary where it was until the Parish Council had discussed the application when it would be adjusted to include the site if they agreed with the scheme.

In respect of other suggestions to extend the settlement boundary, it was agreed to leave the settlement boundary where it was.

Glen Lewis had asked to extend the boundary to the top of Birch Hill, the lane by Birch House. This was discussed and it was agreed to leave the boundary as it was because of the landscape implications. David Nicholson hadn’t seen this comment so Alison Wright would be asked to forward it to him.

David Nicholson was thanked for his hard work in putting together this comprehensive document.

  1. Next Steps to Submission David Nicholson will complete the response log on the basis of the discussion and incorporate it within the Consultation Statement.  The consultation Statement documents work undertaken on the NDP, when the process started up to present day.  Carole to look at Tracking the News to make list of adverts and articles in there.  Barbara to check with Hereford Times inserts.  Once the Consultation Statement had been prepared, David Nicholson would send it to Alison Davies to forward to everyone for approval and possible minor alterations by email as there is no further need for meetings.
  2. & 5. Revises NDP, SEA and HRA After this the next step was to revise the NDP itself as agreed and then send it to Herefordshire Council for environmental assessment.  This process takes about 4 – 6 weeks

6 & 7 Basic conditions Statement and Consultation Statement.

While the  SEA/HRA process was being undertaken, David Nicholson would prepare the Basic conditions Statement.  When all documents were ready, the Parish council would be asked to approve them for submission.  Once submitted, the NDP would gain weight in planning decisions.

  1. Any other business   There was none.
  2. Date of the next meeting. It was agreed that no further    meeting was necessary.