Minutes 15th November 2018

Minutes of Clehonger Parish Council Meeting held on 15th November 2018 at 7.30pm at Innesfield Community Centre

Present: Cllrs J Rees, J Whittal, J Harris and C Protherough (Chair)

In attendance:  Mrs A Wright (Clerk), plus Lengthsman Paul Wright, Ward Cllr Steve Williams, PCSO Fiona Witcher, PC Roger Bradley and 5 members of the public.

  1. Introduction and welcome by the Chairman Cllr Protherough (Chair) welcomed everyone to the meeting.
  1. Co-option of councillor and signing of forms

There were no candidates for consideration of co-option.

  1. Apologies for Absence

There were apologies received from Cllrs A Morgan, S Savory, A Davies and G Walker.

  1. Declarations of Interest

There was one declaration made. Cllr Harris regarding the SLR.

  1. Open Session to include update regarding Village speeding

A resident raised an issue of the police speed monitoring van blocking the view when exiting from Apple Tree Close. The van had been parked on the new kerbstone. The resident would send a photograph to PC Roger Bradley. There was the question of “appropriateness.” The resident also highlighted an issue with contractor vehicles being parked on the double yellow lines outside the phone kiosk on Birch Hill Road when the playing field grass was being mown. The Clerk would write to the School concerning this safety issue.

A further request for the resurfacing of Birch Hill Road was made, more funding for road repairs was now being made available.

More signs were required reminding people to keep dogs on leads. There had been a local dog attack on a sheep and the sheep had been badly injured and had to be put to sleep.

The bus shelter in Birch Hill Road had suffered damage due to a bumper being caught on the cover, the lengthsman would look at this.

The PCSO highlighted some break-ins in the Ewyas Harold area. A quad bike had been taken from an address in Craswall. There was a brief discussion about cold callers calling door to door selling meat, fish etc. The vendor should have a pedlar’s certificate. The police advised vigilance and if in doubt take the vehicle registration number if possible. PCSO Fiona Witcher and PC Roger Bradley left the meeting at 7.51 pm.


.  Brief Verbal Reports:

6.1 Ward Councillor.  Ward Cllr Williams reiterated the issues at the Persimmon site, the alleged non-wearing of hard hats, anti-social working times and issues with mud on the road. He would be there for any issues to be fed through and would do what he could to assist.

The Ward Cllr explained that he would be trying to organise a group parish council meeting for the Stoney Street Ward in the New Year. This would take place in the Eaton Bishop Hall and Cllr Williams would be organising this meeting.

Cllr Williams updated the meeting concerning the his involvement with the Task and Finish Pothole Working Party which were looking into satisfaction, or otherwise, with pothole filling and would be reporting back the findings in January 2019.

6.2 Friends of Clehonger Parish: The welcome packs were to be updated and would be a joint collaboration with the Church. A grant would be applied for to help fund the eighty packs required for the new housing estate.

6.3 Clehonger Primary School: newsletters had been circulated when received.

6.4 Locality Steward details in the bulletins.

6.5 Lengthsman: The Lengthsman would be out and about undertaking seasonal tasks, including looking at drainage issues, grips and gullies.

  1. To approve Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 18th October 2018

Resolved: – It was resolved that the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on the 18th October 2018, were approved by the Council and then signed by the Chairman. Minutes were proposed by Cllr Harris and seconded by Cllr Rees. Carried

  1. Clerk update and correspondence

The Clerk updated the meeting on actions etc. taken.

There had been a change of personnel at Herefordshire Council and Anthony Bush, Parish Liaison and Rural Services Officer was leaving on the 15th November and had been replaced by newly appointed and titled Local Resources and Assets Officer Philippa Lydford

Telephone 01432 261640

  1. Finance

9.1) Resolved: The following list of payments were proposed by Cllr Harris seconded by Cllr Whittal and approved unanimously:

Mrs A Wright (Nov salary £563.88, total expenses £22.61)                                £586.49

Longfield Services (Lengthsman)                                                            £55.00

Eyelid Productions (web services)                                                           £30.00

Total      £671.49

9.2) Resolved: The bank balance was noted at £38889.67.

9.3) To agree purchase of new bins for the parish (bus stop) etc.

The provision of new bins was discussed and it was resolved to purchase 2 new covered bins for the bus stops in Birch Hill Road and by Oak Crescent plus a bin with mounting post for Church Road bus stop at Old Clehonger. There would also be a further dog waste bin purchased for placement in the village.

  1. Planning.

10.1) Southern Link Road 151314 – update re position plus any further details regarding the Hereford Transport Package, Public Inquiry and related matters

The Public Inquiry into the Compulsory Purchase Orders for the Southern Link Road had been in progress over the previous two week period. A huge amount of evidence had been presented and the outcome of the Inspector’s decision was now awaited. It would likely be published end of March 2019.

10.2) Update on Village developments and any site issues

There were reports of a “sewerage works” being installed by the Seven Stars Public House. The footpath had been closed and was not passable for pedestrians. A digester was now on location as a station for pumping into the sewer.

10.3) To consider planning applications as notified

One new application had been received for consideration.

This was planning consultation 183835 – Land located along the B4349 Clehonger Road, Clehonger, Hereford. Description: application for hedgerow removal notice.

Ward Cllr Williams agreed to look into what this was for and to report back to the Parish Council. An extension for comments had been requested and Ward Cllr Williams would advise.

10.4) To consider issues in relation to the B4349

The area outside the cottages on the B4349 adjacent to Apple Tree Close had new segment kerbs installed within it. These kerbs were alleged to be making access to the homes and deliveries to the properties difficult. The Ward Cllr would ask the Highways Team (Ray Wallace) for his opinion on the new kerbs, from a road safety angle.

10.5) To consider proposals for Travellers sites 

There was a discussion about the consultation on Travellers sites and the proposal to possibly re-open the site in Stoney Street, Madley. This had been used about fifteen years previously and had been deemed unsuitable due to various factors, including local flooding.  It was agreed that the Clerk would review the response made by Madley Parish and submit the concerns over suitability of the site on behalf of Clehonger Parish.

10.6) To consider any PC input to appeal on Madley Road Site (171662)

The Parish Council had responded previously and there was no further input.

  1. Village Matters including:

11.1) Clehonger Church re-ordering

The Re-ordering Team had been assembled and would be meeting to take things forward in January 2019.

11.2) Consideration of Community Assets

This would be kept under review.

  1. Neighbourhood Plan

12.1)  Update on Clehonger Plan and Steering Group Meetings

The counting up of the Questionnaire responses had been completed, with thanks to all of the volunteers. The information had gone over to De Nicholson the Consultant for analysis. The analysis had been completed and was now being fine tuned. It would be important to get the local community on board. A logo had been designed and bulletins would be placed in the Tracking the News and on Social Media. A banner and notice would be placed in the notice boards.

  1. Playing Field – update

The shelters were in need of a new application of anti-vandal paint.

  1. Brief Reports from Footpath Warden, HALC Rep and Tree Warden

Footpath Warden: The Footpath Warden was not present. It was commented that more signs were required for keeping dogs on leads, closing gates etc. The hedge by Croft Road, turning to Gosmore Road junction, belonging to Herefordshire Housing, was overgrown.

HALC Rep:  The HALC Rep, Cllr Walker, had sent apologies.

Tree Warden: Cllr Alan Morgan had sent apologies.

  1. Items for next Agenda (no discussion) All of the usual items.
  1. Reminder of dates of future meetings

There was a reminder of the date of the next Parish Council Meeting to be held on Thursday 13th December 2018 from 7.30pm at Innesfield.

The Meeting closed at 9.13 pm