Minutes 14th November 2019

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of Clehonger Parish Council held on 14th November 2019 at 7.30pm at Innesfield Community Centre


Present: Cllrs J Rees, J Whittal, J Harris, C Protherough, W Watkins and K Langdon

In attendance:  Ward Cllr David Hitchiner, Footpath Officer, Blue Davies and four members of the public

  1. Introduction and welcome by the Chair

The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.

  1. To receive Apologies for Absence

A Wright (Clerk,) A Davies, S Savory, P Wright (lengthman), Alan Morgan (Tree Warden).


  1. To note Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interest.

  1. Open Session

A resident had concerns re the attenuation pond at the persimmon site, he was worried as it was deep with a plastic liner that if anyone fell in from the public footpath it would make getting out very difficult also the fencing was only mesh and flimsy.  He also noted that at the new housing estate in Kingstone their pond had a lifebuoy and our pond didn’t.

Another resident also mentioned that in the flooding on October 26th and another occasion since, the attenuation pond had flooded and was not able to absorb the water runoff from the 28 or 29 houses that were at present linked to it, his concern was that when the full 80 houses were linked there would be even more flooding than there was now and the pond was not fit for purpose. It would also impact on the planning application on the other side of the road P192855/O Ten houses at Gosmore Road. It was agreed clerk to write to planners with photographs. There was also a discussion re who owned the ditch on the hedgeside of the Persimmon homes and Wesley Morris, who would keep it clear? A general debate about how the fences, grass and maintenance of the roads on the site took place, the parish council were under the impression that the initial planning application by Persimmon homes said a management committee would be set up and responsible but had no other details on the committee at present.

It was reported that the gateway that was not to be used was now planted with laurel hedging plants. This had been queried with Planning as initial planning application had indicated native hedgerow plants.

 5.  Brief Verbal Reports:

5.1 Ward Councillor.  Ward Cllr Hitchiner updated the meeting about the scrutiny Committee Papers Budget 2020/21 and Corporate Plan consultation which ran from 7 November to 4 December 2019. In brief, the previous Conservative led council had 1.25 million over, which was fantastic to find as most councils were in deficit. They could potentially spend it to include but not exhaustive: £600,000 on a review of the Core Strategy, £200,000 on tourism, bus services £100,000, Natural flood Management £70,000, Marches Enterprize Zone £100,000, maybe some similar zones in the market towns. Some Superhubs, potentially one in Hereford and one rural, maybe Peterchurch. He encouraged everyone to read it online or attend one of the dates when it was being shown to the public and give comments. The chair added she had received an email inviting us to one of the budget and corporate planning meetings.

The river Lugg was now showing that phosphate levels had started to rise significantly in the last two years, this had paused all house planning applications until the impact had been reassessed with Natural England.  He also reported rises in the levels of the Wye, but at present this had not affected Planning applications

5.2 Friends of Clehonger Parish. No further update

5.3 Clehonger Primary School:  Playing Field Hedge had not been cut opposite school, a new contractor needed to be found, anyone who knew someone to do it please let Mrs A Wright have details.

5.4 Locality Steward: Not present. Still waiting for a date for hm to attend.

5.5 Lengthsman: it was agreed share the cost of a ROSPA course (£90) with Madley Parish council for Mr P wright to gain this ROSPA qualification to be able to check the playing field equipment. Madley Parish council was going to pay for travel and accommodation.

5.6 Footpath Officer report

Mr Davies reported that the paths were now in winter mode and walkers should be mindful of the winter conditions.  He raised some concerns re cattle at Abbey farm, he asked about signage, but this was a matter for the farmer.  Cllr Protherough had included in the welcome packs, information re walking on public footpaths in fields with livestock.

The gate on Gosmore Road adjacent to Gosmore Place had been left open by walkers and sheep had escaped on a few occasions. Mr Whittle trying to get a gate within a gate installed.  The need for a dog waste bin was discussed Cllr Protherough remembered that at some point persimmon homes had mentioned installing one. Action  Mrs A Wright to contact planners and Persimmon homes to see if they could supply one and place at the kissing gate at Persimmon site.  Alternative site for dog litter bin could be at gateway off track on opposite side of the road. Decision on where most appropriate for Parish Council to install one to be considered at next meeting in anticipation that an answer from Persimmon was forthcoming. If not The Parish Council would pay for one and install it.  The offer of a gate would still be followed up and that could then be an additional one at another point on site.

  1. To approve Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 17/10/19

It was resolved that the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting, held on 17th October 2019, were approved by the Council and then signed by the Chairman.

  1. Clerk update and correspondence


  • Balfour Beatty Paul Norris, the Senior Locality Steward, has circulated his reports.
  • West Mercia Police Bulletins have been circulated – Golden Valley Briefing – Police and Fire
  • There has been damage to the playing field fence. This has been temporarily repaired and has been reported to the Police via 101 and via the PCSO. The PCSO will be remaining vigilant and patrolling when possible.
  • Planning P193853R/M Gladmans land off Madley Road.
  • Planning Decisions Firbank, Refused


Herefordshire Council   Various, as circulated and including:

  • Parish Summit workshop notes and Trees Week information
  • Invitations to councillors – The Great Collaboration – Climate Emergency

·         Hereford Transport Package and South Wye Transport Package decision

  • Review of Polling Districts, Polling Places and Polling Stations
  • Core Strategy and Neighbourhood Planning review Workshop evening
  • Herefordshire Council Fostering Project (agent directed to Tracking the News for advertising)
  • Notification of HALC Conference & AGM 09-30 – 15-00 on Saturday 23/11/19

Letter received from the Directors of Woodfield Gardens concerning possible extension of the cycle way from Belmont to Ruckhall.

Email from District Councillor from Wormside, asking if Parish Council had any further comments to make re P192969/O, Bowling Green, Poultry Managers House, as it was suggested it be refused due to Land Agents suggestion they could buy a house in at Pembridge Court (Persimmon homes) Action Cllr Protherough to email the next day, the further comments to Planning Department re the unsuitability of a house at the bottom of this hill as during severe weather including flooding and snow, residents in this area of the village were not able to get up the hill.



8.1 Resolved: The following list of payments were approved, proposed by Cllr Whittal and seconded by Cllr Rees:

Mrs A Wright (salary paid in accordance with contract)                   £653.26

Mrs A Wright expenses                                                                £20.91

Longfield Services (Lengthsman/Bins)                                           £90.00

Herefordshire Housing Ltd (room hire)                                          £28.00


8.2 Resolved: The bank balance was noted at £45,296.75

  1. Planning.

9.1 Southern Link Road 151314 – and Hereford Transport package

Both the Western Bypass and Southern Link Road Schemes were still in the process of Pause and Review.


9.2 Gate at persimmon homes now planted with Laurels. (not as specification in planning) New Footpath entrance had been cut back hard but roots not removed, visibility was a bit better, Still don’t know if chicanes or bollards to be used, still fenced off at the moment. Persimmon have refused point blank to have any further discussion on this entrance.


9.3 Planning Responses  P193853R/M Gladmans land off Madley Road, we would discuss in full at next meeting, could all Cllrs read through make notes and be fully informed for next meeting, an email had arrived saying there was a second application at same site but no other information. (Discussed in correspondence)

A member of the public said he would like to put an observation to consider and would like to include Cllr Hitcher (as this point could be included in the core strategy).  That big builders like Persimmon do not have to use outside building control as with small builders/self-build. The member of the public said big builders were exempt.  This was a concern re the quality of buildings for future occupiers etc, The Parish council thought this was a national scandal, the same rules should apply for all builders, so that good quality builds were the norm. Action  Clerk to write letter to Councillor Hitchener to pass onto Planning.

Firbank P192654/F, Refused. (Discussed in correspondence)

  1. Village Matters including:

10.1 Church re-ordering – no further update

10.2 Climate Emergency

Cllr Protherough attending a meeting next week The Great Collaboration – Climate Emergency organised by Herefordshire Green Network.

10.3 Cycle way at Belmont
Discussed in correspondence. Action Mrs A Wright to acknowledge letter and point them to Herefordshire Council and potential further public consultation on transport.

  1. Neighbourhood Plan

On receiving the proposed Neighbourhood Plan Herefordshire Council have sent through policy documents. David Nicholson  is checking these, resolving any queries and completing  basic conditions statement It will be brought to the Parish Council on December 12th for final approval and formal submission to Herefordshire Council to ratify before referendum

  1. Playing Field

An emergency repair to a fence left in a dangerous condition on the previous weekend had been repaired with the help of Mike Pudge. Action  Mrs A Wright to write a letter of thanks.

Oak tree pruned, shaped, caned, looking better.

  1. Brief Reports from Footpath Warden, HALC Rep and Tree Warden


No report this time – a new HALC rep would need to be appointed

Tree Warden:

Cllr Morgan had sent his apologies. He had reported that he had contacted the Tree Preservation Officer about the oak at Firnbank for a preservation order but not heard back.  He was also exploring possibilities of a further 4 TPOs in the Parish.

13.1 Village Matters

  • Cllr Rees reported there were two deep potholes at the top end of Gosmore Road joining Bowling Green Hill. The drain at the crossroads of Gosmore Road and Birch Hill Road was blocked again. Action Mrs A Wright to report.
  • Cllr Harris reported she would not be at the next meeting.
  • Cllr Watkins complained about the top part of Birch Hill Road that was not the bus route as it was in a state of disrepair.
  1. Items for next Agenda (no discussion)

This was to be a very slimmed down meeting as considerable time would be needed to discuss application at Land at Madley Road.

January agenda item to be reconsideration of a policy for dealing with planning applications between meetings.

  1. Reminder of date of next meeting

There was a reminder of the date of the next Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council to be held on Thursday 12th December 2019, from 7.30pm, at Innesfield.

The Meeting closed at 9.35 pm.