Minutes 12th March 2020

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of Clehonger Parish Council held on 12th March 2020 at 7.30pm at Innesfield Community Centre

Present: Cllrs J Rees, J Whittal, S Savory, J Harris, C Protherough (Chair), W Watkins K Langdon and J Jones (co-opted)
In attendance: Mrs A Wright (Clerk), Lengthsman Paul Wright, Tree Warden Alan Morgan plus two members of the public. PCSO Fiona Witcher was also present for part of the meeting.

1. Introduction and welcome by the Chair
The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2. To receive Apologies for Absence
There were apologies for absence received from Cllr A Davies and Ward Cllr David Hitchiner.

3. Co-option of councillor and signing of forms
There was a new co-option. Jim Jones was proposed by Cllr Harris and seconded by Cllr Rees. Carried unanimously. Cllr Jim Jones signed his Acceptance of Office form and Registrable Interest Form.

4. To note Declarations of Interest
There were declarations of interest made for planning application 200299 – Land adjacent to Garnom by Cllrs Watkins and Protherough.

5. Open Session
It was noted that the new surfacing of the B4349 was appreciated. There were potholes on the Gosmore Road and the Persimmon hedge was commented as requiring cutting although the date had been missed for flailing. The presence of traffic lights was around the footpath being extended to the Seven Stars and bus stop. The footpath from Gosmore Road to the Seven Stars was still un-passable due to it being a “quagmire”. Water was still running across the road near the entrance to the site due to a blocked drain.

PCSO Witcher advised that there had been a theft of a wacker plate machine from a container on a private building site in the village. PCSO Witcher left the meeting At 7.42 pm.

6. Brief Verbal Reports:
6.1 Ward Councillor. Ward Cllr Hitchiner had sent his apologies.

6.2 Friends of Clehonger Parish: No further update

6.3 Clehonger Primary School: No further update

6.4 Locality Steward: Not present. Bulletins circulated.

6.5 Lengthsman: The Lengthsman was present at the meeting. There had been no response from the Vallets re the ditching and flooding to date. The leaves on the bridge at Ruckhall had been referred to the Locality Steward/Balfour Beatty and the request for tarmac at the bus – stop area near the end of Croft Road had also been referred to Balfour Beatty.

6.6 Footpath Officer: The Footpath Office was not present.

7. To approve Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 13/02/20
It was resolved that the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting, held on 13th February 2020, were approved by the Council and then signed by the Chairman.

8. Clerk update and correspondence
The Clerk updated the meeting on actions, correspondence etc. including:
Herefordshire Council Various, as circulated and including:
• Review of the Hereford transport strategy
• Recovery under way in parts of Herefordshire as response continues
• Support to dispose of water damaged items
• River Lugg internal Drainage Board : properties flooded – Haywood
• County Plan
HALC Information Corner including Community Resilience Plan

9. Finance and Policies
9.1 Resolved: The following list of payments were approved, proposed by Cllr Harris and seconded by Cllr Whittal:
Mrs A Wright (salary paid in accordance with contract)
Longfield Services (Lengthsman/Bins) £90.00
Eyelid Productions (Annual website support and monthly) £130.00
Parish Freighter (9/05/20) £414.00
Information Commissioner (ICO) £40.00
Herefordshire Housing (room hire) £32.00

9.2 Resolved: The bank balance was noted at £41547.90.
9.3 To confirm provision of Parish Freighter on Saturday 9th May 2020 from 11.00 to 13.00 in the Clehonger Village Hall car park
The Parish Freighter was confirmed. Cllrs Rees and Watkins would be in attendance on the day to monitor the proceedings.

10. Planning.
10.1 To consider response to Planning Applications, as notified, and then determined by Herefordshire Council:

APPLICATION NO & SITE ADDRESS: Planning Consultation – 200299 – Land adjacent Garnom, Birch Hill, Clehonger, Herefordshire,
DESCRIPTION: Proposed erection of two dwelling houses with shared vehicle access. APPLICANT(S): Mr G Lewis
GRID REF: OS 345180, 237113
APPLICATION TYPE: Planning Permission

The planning application 200299 was discussed. The Parish Council resolved that they would object to the proposals on the grounds of access and visibility, loss of amenity value, overcrowding on a tiny rural lane and matters relating to the designated settlement boundary. The full comments would be drafted and circulated before submission to the Planning Authority.

APPLICATION NO & SITE ADDRESS: Planning Consultation – 194402 – Land at Lower Bullingham (The Southern Urban Expansion), Land to the north of the B4399, Lower Bullingham, Hereford,
DESCRIPTION: A mixed use urban extension of land at Lower Bullingham (known as the ‘Southern Urban Expansion’ in the Local Plan) to provide up to 1300 dwellings (including specialist housing), B1, B2 and B8 employment uses, a Neighbourhood Community Hub (A1, A3 & A5), a new primary school, a Park and Choose, a country park, public open space, access, drainage and other associated works and demolition of existing industrial buildings. All matters are reserved for future consideration save for ‘access’. Only the means of access into the site is sought as part of this outline application, not the internal site access arrangements (i.e. not formally form part of application)
APPLICANT(S): Bloor Homes Western
GRID REF: OS 351621, 237259

The Parish Council discussed the application 194402 and resolved to object to the proposals principally on the grounds of flooding issues and connectivity. The full details of the comments would be circulated to the councillors before submission to the Planning Authority.

11. Neighbourhood Plan
11.1 Update on Clehonger Plan and next steps
The plan would now move towards examination. A choice of examiner was available. Cllr Protherough would check regarding Face Book access to the plan details.
The plan was on the website at the following location: https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/directory_record/3044/clehonger_neighbourhood_development_plan
12. Village Matters
12.1 Village developments – flooding etc.
A restraining wire placed across the footpath at the rear of the Persimmon site was being adjusted so as not to obstruct the path.
There were still concerns about the Attenuation Pond when the builders were not on site to empty it ahead of heavy rainfall. A Management Company would be responsible for the site once the builders have completed the works.
There were concerns raised about the number of houses being occupied as they appeared to exceed the number authorised under the planning conditions. This would be queried with Enforcement.

12.2 The Knife Angel – visit to Hereford 2021 – update
The Knife Angel was on schedule to come to Hereford Cathedral in 2021.

12.3 Litter Pick – update
The litter pick would take place on Saturday 18th April from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm. Four bags of picking kits had been reserved.

13. Climate Emergency and initiatives
The Chair referenced information that had come from Connie Orbach about meetings and planned activities. There was a wish to try to get some more local meeting venues for the Golden Valley. There would be further workshops coming up.

14. To discuss possible impact of virus spread regarding meetings etc.
The Parish Council would refer to the recommendations in the HALC correspondence.

15. Playing Field – Update and to agree Annual Inspection
It was agreed to proceed with the Annual Inspection and the Lengthsman would carry out the RoSPA recommended visual inspections at the recommended intervals.
It was decided that there would not be a further application of anti-vandal paint due to advice on people falling etc. There would be consideration given to “Do not Climb” signage if the problem persists. There would also be some “Dog on Lead” signs to remind people to keep their dogs on leads on the playing field.

16. Brief Reports from Tree Warden (if available)
Tree Warden: Alan Morgan updated regarding the “Lousy” Oak which was designated as Highways property and they would take responsibility for it. Alan was in contact with Natalie Jay at Herefordshire Council about the Oak by Oak Crescent and was also dealing with tree preservation orders for three Oaks on the Madley Road development site.

17. Items for next Agenda (no discussion)
All of the usual items would be on the Agenda.

18. Reminder of dates of future meetings
There was a reminder of the date of the next Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council to be held on Thursday 16th April 2020, from 7.30pm, at Innesfield.
The Meeting closed at 9.20 pm.