NDP Minutes 7th January 2019

Steering Group meeting
Monday 7th January 2019
7 p.m. at Innesfield


Present : Alan Lavers (chair) David Nicholson (consultant)Alison Davies, Barbara Alsford, Carole Protherough, Alan Morgan Karina Langdon,Jenny Whittal, Jane Rees , Jean Harris, Blu Davies

1. Alan Lavers welcomed all .

2. Progress on draft report Preparation work under way . To be continued action DN

3. NDP Evidence base and strategic policies listing
Completed and circulated

4. Results of questionnaire
Completed and approved by Parish Council

5. Use of OS map data and the Public Service Mapping Agreement
Alison Davies has sent David N the log on details

6. Settlement boundary
David N. provided slide show and defined differences between the Neighbourhood Plan area boundary and settlement boundary. Slides illustrated previous boundaries e.g. UDP settlement boundary 2007. He confirmed that the existing planning permissions were well in excess of what was expected of Clehonger for period 2011-2031. The bottom line was that no further housing was actually needed, and we could therefore define settlement boundary tightly .It was agreed we should confine settlement boundary to New Clehonger. Any development in other more rural settings, including Old Clehonger , would need to be of permitted small scale e.g. barn conversions Action DN to circulate proposed settlement boundary taking account of recent development and planning approvals.
DN informed that recent decision of refusal of appeal by Gladmans , who wished to lift restriction on starting before foul drainage was sorted , did not make any difference as Gladmans still had option to negotiate payment to Welsh Water for improvements to Waste plant, and valid planning permission still in place for a couple more years

7. Presentation to Parish council –update
Action :Alison to check position re grant submission

8. Timeline and way forward
Agreed that February meeting should be cancelled
Action By end of March DN will have draft plan and proposed settlement boundary ready
Plan will need to be agreed by Parish Council and to be submitted to Herefordshire Council for consideration of environmental impact
To be followed by 6 week Public consultation – April/May/June
Action: Request to Alison Wright to advise re potential impact of purdah restrictions for local elections

9. Communication
Barbara reported there had been limited activity on Facebook and this needed more stimulation. It had been linked with Village Hall but not with school due to restrictions on non parents .
Reports sent to Tracking the News including 2 page Executive Summary
Discussion re wider circulation of hard copies of executive summary – possibility of leaving copies in shop?
Need for a contact method for non-Internet users Action Alison D to contact Alison Wright re possibility of a dedicated mobile phone .
Barbara to send Executive Summary electronically to Carole for inclusion in Welcome Packs
Exec summary needs to be on Parish Council website

10. A.O.B None

11. Date of next meeting.
Monday March 11th at 7pm Innesfield