NDP Minutes 30th August 2018

Minutes of a Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Meeting 30th August 2018 at 7.30pm at the Innesfield Community Centre

Present: Cllrs J Rees (JR), C Protherough (CP) in the Chair, J Harris (JH) A Davies (AD) S Savory (SS) and A Morgan (AM)
In attendance: Mrs A Wright (AW) Parish Clerk, Dr David Nicholson MRTPI (DN) Neighbourhood Planning Consultant plus 12 members of the public

Clehonger Parish Neighbourhood Plan – overview and introduction

The Chair, Cllr Carole Protherough, thanked everyone for coming along to the Meeting. Introductions were made and a brief synopsis of where the plan had got to, currently, was given. The Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaires had been completed by residents and collected back in but they were still awaiting evaluation of the content following an unsatisfactory attempt to have them analysed in the summer of 2017.

Dr David Nicholson MRTPI – Planning Consultant

Dr David Nicholson gave an introduction to the meeting and explained his background plus areas of expertise. He then took the meeting through the process of arriving at a completed plan and explained the various stages including consultation and referendum. He talked about defining the parish area, and settlement boundaries, plus about housing numbers allocations in relation to the Core Strategy. He advised that Clehonger Village had already been subject to the full minimum housing allocation, to 2031, of 77 dwellings ++.

An average time frame from starting a plan to completion was around two years but there were variables, depending on circumstances. It was explained that there were questionnaires awaiting analysis. A Clehonger Village Hall Committee member, present at the meeting, accompanied a parish councillor to the Clehonger Village Hall to retrieve a box of completed questionnaires from storage in the Village Hall. This was done so that one could be looked at for reference purposes.

It was decided that the Questionnaires should be retrieved entirely from storage and the number returned counted and advised to Dr Nicholson so that he could draw up an action plan and advise regarding costs. He advised that the Steering Group would need to re-group and that it would be good practice to have a dedicated area on the web site to relay communications about the progress of the plan.

Once the plan had been through certain consultative processes it would “gain weight” in future consultation on planning, as an emerging plan, and would eventually form a reference document, with standing, for review by the planning authority when local planning applications were put forward.

New Steering Group

Names were put forward for the New Steering Group: Nominally: Cllrs Protherough, Davies, Morgan, Rees and Harris plus residents Barbara and Paul Alsford and Alan Lavers.
Terms of reference would be agreed between the Steering Group and the Parish Council.

Residents supplied their e mail and contact information on a listing (some for the data count* and some as SG Members)

Communication with the community would be key and vehicles such as the web site, village magazines such as “Tracking the News” etc. would be used for this purpose.

*It was agreed that around 15 volunteers would be required for the initial meeting to help determine the content of the Questionnaire papers. This would be carried out in conjunction with Dr Nicholson using a scoring matrix sheet designed for the purpose.
The next meeting would be arranged as soon as more information had been obtained about costs etc.

The Meeting closed at 8.40pm