NDP Minutes 12th October 2018

Present: Alison Davies, Paul Alsford, Barbara Alsford, Carole Protherough, Jane Rees, Jenny Whittal, Dr David Nicholson
Apologies: Alan Lavers, George Walker, Alison Wright

Paul Alsford opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.
Alison reported that the grant had been approved.
Dr David Nicholson congratulated everyone on their hard work analysing the questionnaires and will now put everything together in draft report. He would work on an evidence-based report to go to planning department either in December or January. He will write the draft NDP plan
Alison Wright to be asked to contact Ordnance Survey to get access to plans to draw up settlement boundary which will be drawn tightly to existing properties.
Dr David Nicholson will write the NDP document based on the questionnaire results. This will go to the Parish Council and then out to public consultation for 6 weeks.
There was discussion on communication and Barbara Alsford will develop a Facebook page to provide information. Flyers will also be distributed, and Tracking the News will be used to advertise events as will the Parish noticeboards.

Meeting closed at 8.05