NDP Minutes 11th March 2019

Present: Alison Davies, Barbara Alsford, Carole Protherough, Jane Rees, Dr David Nicholson, , Krina Langton, George Walker, Alan Morgan
Apologies: Jenny Whittall, Alan Lavers, Jean Harris

Alison opened the meeting in Alan’s absence and welcomed everyone.

Progress on draft report
Dr David Nicholson had been busy writing the report since January and after discussion tonight would be able to present it at the next meeting, ready to be approved at the next Parish council meeting if the Parish council were happy with it. F the Parish council approve the next step will be an environmental assessment by Herefordshire council. This takes 6 to 8 weeks to complete. It is envisioned that the public consultation may take place in May to June before final amendment.

Settlement boundary
This took account of all current building and approved planning completions. It will be part of the draft document sent to Herefordshire Council. There was discussion on the boundaries and George Walker suggested a minor alteration to the area around Gardiners Oak. Apart from that, there was agreement on the proposed boundary.

Local views can be presented as part of the NDP and there was discussion about various views. Barbara Alsford will take some photos of some and forward to David Nicholson in the near future.
Presentation to Parish Council
At the next Parish Council meeting the Parish Council will be asked to approve the draft report.

Community action
The questionnaires identified areas of concern to local residents and, although the NDP is primarily about planning and housing, these areas can be noted for further action in the future

  1. Road safety and traffic speed
  2. Parking – school, in village
  3. Road maintenance
  4. Public transport
  5. Footpaths
  6. Village services e.g. playing field
  7. Doctors surgery
  8. Broadband/mobile phones
  9. Community info e.g. website

Barbara Alsford will put a short piece in Tracking the News, reporting on progress.

Any other business
There was none.
Next meeting: 8th April 2019