NDP Minutes 10th October 2018

Present: Alison Davies, Alan Lavers, Alan Morgan, Paul Alsford, Barbara Alsford, Carole Protherough, Jane Rees
Apologies: Jean Harris, David Nicholson, Alison Wright

It was agreed that meetings would be held on the second Monday of each month commencing 13th November 2018. Alison Wright to book Innesfield and put dates in Tracking the News and on village noticeboards. Alison Davies to send dates to David Nicholson and check his availability.

Dr David Nicholson had been approached to help with the NDP and his position as consultant would be subject to approval of the Parish Council at their next meeting. Carole reported that the grant application for the NDP had been sent in and we awaited the outcome.

The NDP is community led and Paul Alsford was nominated as Chairman by Carole Protherough and Barbara Alsford. He was unanimously elected.

There was discussion on the need for a Communications Officer to set up a Facebook page and Barbara Alsford offered to take this on which was agreed by the committee.

The analysis of the questionnaires would take place on Tuesday 23rd and Tuesday 30th October starting at 7 p.m. at Innesfield. Fifteen people would be needed on each evening and Alison D would co-ordinate the group and invite others to come along.