NDP Minutes 10th December 2018

Present: Alison Davies, Barbara Alsford, Carole Protherough, Jane Rees, Jenny Whittal, Dr David Nicholson, Alan Lavers, Jean Harris, Krina Lang, Jenny Whittal, George Walker, Alan Morgan
Apologies: Alison Wright, Roger Catley

Carole opened the meeting and welcomed everyone. She was sorry that Paul Alsford had resigned and thanked him for his work.
There was discussion on the need for more members of the public to be on the Steering Committee. There was a need for a new Chairman, preferably community based and Alan Lavers agreed to take the role on.

Progress on draft report
Results report: Some of the comments were outside the scope of the NDP and reflected previous events. Dr David Nicholson reported that the analysis work was complete and now needed disseminating.
Next Stage: Dr Nicholson will write the draft plan focusing on land use and development. The issue of disseminating the report was discussed. An executive summary will be posted in Tracking the News. There was need to spread the information as widely as possible, bearing in mind that many residents don’t have access to computers. David Nicholson will pull out relevant facts to support policies.

Work in Progress
This lists documents and explains evidence base and strategic policies including evidence from the core Strategy. Three levels: i. local level evidence ii Herefordshire evidence, iii national level evidence. Sources to use include housing surveys, land availability assessment, residential commitments, Parish Plan ( Alison Wright to provide a hard copy)Local reports on flooding etc. Please think about any evidence you may have relating to the plan for the next meeting. E.g. nitrates in Cagebrook, Usk/Wye foundation.

Map Data
We can download and access free data through Ordnance Survey, following terms of copyright.

Settlement Boundary
This is the next important part of the NDP. After the decided boundary It will be possible to produce an approx. 40 page document covering housing, economic growth, business and environment. David Nicholson to get on and produce a plan around it. Our housing requirement is already met. Settlement boundary to be discussed at next meeting.

Presentation to Parish Council
At the next Parish Council meeting the Parish Council will be asked to approve the questionnaire work.

Timeline and way forward
At the next meeting we will look at the evidence bade, results report, consultation on moving forward. Draft plan to be written bearing in mind that grant finishes in March.

Barbara Alsford reported that the Facebook page was up and running. Alison wright to put all information on website. It was agreed that we would need to leaflet the parish and have a drop in day to view the document.

Any other business
There was none.
Next meeting: 7th January 2019